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Diamond engagement rings

Top 10 Engagement Rings

Double Halo Oval Diamond Ring

Amp up the bling with our Double halo engagement rings. This double halo design in an oval shape brings the right amount of sparkle and glamour, making it a popular choice as an engagement ring. Experience luxury with these perfectly cut and polished diamonds – right from the central diamond to the smaller surrounding ones.

Three Stone Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Blending the classic cuts of the Princess and Emerald style diamonds, this Asscher cut diamond engagement ring will make your proposal swoon-worthy. The mesmerising central diamond is flanked on both sides with two other diamonds, which emphasises its cut and clarity. Asscher cut diamond rings are a timeless piece, maintaining their elegance and appeal for a long time.


Spiral Diamond Ring

The spiral diamond ring by Dianoche gives you the best of both worlds – stunning design & highly affordable rates. The centerpiece is skillfully cut to maximize its clarity, and the band of the ring is encrusted with smaller diamonds set in a statement spiral design.This unique ring style is one of the highly recommended choices of our customers

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring With Halo

The brilliant emerald cut ring is a rarity. This makes it one of the most sought-after engagement rings, boasting elegance and class. Our emerald cut engagement ring is combined with a halo design to enhance the sharp clarity of the central diamond. Its elongated shape and added smaller diamonds lend a bold and confident touch to this classic piece.

Vintage Style Oval Engagement Ring

Diamond rings are a big investment, so make your proposal with a ring she cannot refuse! Dianoche presents this Vintage style oval engagement ring which is everything a woman could ask for in a ring. Its central diamond is a brilliantly cut oval-shape, surrounded by a thin band of smaller stones which add to its glow. 

5 Stone Diamond Ring

An exquisite piece from Dianoche’s Exclusive Collection, the five stone diamond ring is unique and delicate in its design. The central diamond is flanked by two smaller diamonds on each side. This thin band of diamonds come together in a seamless design to offer you luxury, beauty and elegance – making it the perfect gift for someone you love.

Yellow Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Our yellow diamond 3 stone ring is a perfect addition to your accessories as it lends a pop of colour that can brighten up the dullest of outfits. Buy it for yourself or gift it to someone special, this yellow diamond ring will not disappoint. Its craftsmanship and delicateness will charm you and adorn your finger beautifully.  

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring 6 Prong

Understated yet sophisticated, this round solitaire engagement ring is a lovely buy for those who do not prefer big, chunky diamonds. Its simple elegance is highlighted by the 6 prong design which holds the stone in place. Its simple appearance gives it a dainty and delicate feel.

Round solitaire engagement ring with 6 side stones

Spice up the regular solitaire engagement rings with this brilliant round solitaire engagement ring having 6 prongs. The central diamond is flanked by several smaller tightly packed solitaire stones on each side. The unique design and affordable price range makes it a perfect wedding or birthday present.

Asscher Cut Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring

What’s better than one asscher cut diamond? 3 asscher cut diamonds! Our Asscher cut trilogy diamond engagement ring incorporates three traditionally asscher cut diamonds placed side by side. This exquisite design of 3 stones is perfect for those who wish to sport chunky diamonds on their fingers.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.
round brilliant solitaire diamond engagement ring

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