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Identifying a Good Cushion Diamond

Having any cushion diamond doesn’t cut it. If you want to meet and surpass the satisfactory mark, you have to aim for the best of the best. There’s a superb feeling, an air of elegance that you get when you know that your diamond is superior in every way.

If you want to feel this way about your cushion-cut diamond jewelry, you’ve got to begin by learning how to identify a good cushion diamond. If you know the metrics of diamond grading, shopping and getting the best will be an easy feat for you. In this article, we’ll turn every stone and divulge all the secrets of scintillating cushion diamonds.

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What Makes a Good Cushion Diamond

A good cushion diamond is breathtaking. If you set it up on a glass table, you’ll see its full uniqueness as it disperses crystal rays of light with fiery brilliance. 

It incorporates a smooth blend of femininity with its roundedness and masculinity with its sharpness. It then infuses this blend with symmetry, clarity, and color, which becomes more visible with size. 

A good cushion diamond is known for its detailing. Therefore, you’ll have to check its color, clarity, carat, and cut. Let’s go through what you should look for in each factor.


You can call this the most important determinant because, by nature, the cushion cut displays color. And a colored diamond is less attractive. You want your cushion diamond to be as colorless as possible so that it will have maximum brilliance.

You should pick a diamond with a color grade from H upwards for the best and most ideal cushion cut. This choice will produce an amazing cushion diamond for you.


It would be bad for your diamond to have many inclusions as they will make it brittle. Inclusions also reduce the optical grade of your cushion diamond. Furthermore, the cushion cut has an open table area that displays inclusions, which is why you should go for diamonds with VVSI clarity and above.



Don’t make the mistake of thinking the cut only refers to the shape, as this factor goes deeper than that. You’ve got to analyze how well the facets are defined, how straight & ideal the symmetry is, and how properly it is polished. 

A good cut affects the cushion diamond’s dimensions, table, surface, and depth of the stone. It also determines the stone’s brilliance. A perfect cut enhances all the good qualities of your diamond and makes it even more desirable.



Moderation is key, whether for a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet. A suitable carat is derived based on the cushion diamond’s settings. But overall, you should settle for a medium-sized diamond that will display all details without occupying too much space.

Are Cushion Diamonds Worth it?

If you’re asking if a cushion diamond is worth it, I bet you don’t know how much fire and brilliance the cushion cut holds. The cushion cut diamond is powerful and can transform any accessory into a statement piece of jewelry worthy of note.

I bet you didn’t know that the cushion cut has many styles, all of which are spectacular. Let’s see some of its styles below.

  • The square cushion with parameters of equal length and rounded edges.
  • The rectangular or elongated cushion with a longer length and shorter width.
  • The antique cushion which is ancient and hand-cut.

If you want to know how special a cushion diamond is, these facts are for you!

  • A cushion diamond has the princess cut’s sleek, sharp, and geometrical qualities.
  • It also has the grandeur and overt brilliance of the round cut, which gives it an air of softness.
  • The cushion cut has roots in Brazil (home to superb diamonds), where it was called the old mine cut diamond.
  • Popular diamonds such as the hope diamond have a cushion cut.
  • The cushion cut has remarkable reflective abilities, and the nature of its edges enhances durability.

Cushion diamonds are all unique, as the cut has no definitive symmetry. As you should know, there is beauty in diversity. So, what better way to explore diversity in diamonds than to opt for a cushion cut?

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Is Cushion Cut Diamond More Expensive?

Choosing between 14K or 18K white gold vs. platinum seems challenging. In most cases, many think that the higher the gold karat, the stronger the jewelry, but that’s not entirely true. A lower gold karat has more strength than higher ones due to the addition of other metals.


The only difference is that an 18K white gold has a brighter color because it possesses more gold than 14 karats.



Regarding 14K white gold vs. platinum in cost, platinum tops the chart with around a 40-50% price difference. Whether 14K or I8k white gold vs. platinum, platinum takes the lead in price because a platinum ring uses additional platinum in its production process for higher density.


Additionally, weight and purity determine a metal’s value, and platinum weighs more and is purer than white gold. And since this metal is rare, using a large amount of it makes it pricey.

Cushion cut diamonds are fairly priced according to their characteristics. As you should know, no two diamonds share the same characteristics, no matter how similar they may be. Therefore, there is no fixed price to be used for comparison. 

But, if you want to know how expensive the cushion cut is in comparison to the round or square diamond, here are the answers you need. It would be illogical to assume that the cushion diamond’s price is higher than that of the first and second most popular cuts. So, no, the excellent round and square diamond shapes cost more. 

Despite this, a good cushion diamond is still highly-priced. So, the cost explains why negotiating abilities always come in handy when buying diamonds. You’ll always get your money’s worth if you’re a great buyer.

You may wonder how much a good cushion diamond costs to plan your budget. Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

So, let’s see a cushion diamond price range table below. Please note that this table contains estimated prices of loose diamonds according to their carat.

Cushion Diamond Carat

Estimated Price

1 carat


2 carat


3 carat 


4 carat 


5 carat 


This table states the price in relation to the carat weight, so your cushion diamond may be more or less expensive depending on its other qualities.

Where to Buy Beautiful Cushion Diamonds in Singapore

A cushion diamond is incomparable in beauty with its straight bodice and sleek curves. There’s hardly a diamond this sensual, which is why it’s the core of attraction standing next in line to the princess and round diamonds. If you’re an admirer of the cushion diamond’s sensuality, you should procure one to satisfy your glamor cravings. 


If this is your desire, dare I say you’re lucky to be here because Dianoche is the home of the best diamonds in Singapore.


And if you want cushion diamond rings or other jewelry, we’re equal to the task of creating the most alluring. So, fill out the form below, tell us what you want, and we’ll get right back to you.

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

    Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
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