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Heart-Shaped Diamonds Buying Guide for Beginners

Everyone loves beautiful diamonds. However, while diamonds are considered the rarest gems on Earth, some shapes and cuts are rarer than others, these are known as fancy shapes. Among the truly rare diamond cuts is the heart-shaped diamond. 

Heart-shaped diamonds are among the fancy-shaped diamonds and because they are extremely rare and extremely difficult to cut, they’re usually more expensive than other diamonds even the diamonds considered as fancy diamonds.

What Are Heart-shaped Diamonds?

Heart-shaped diamonds are altered versions of the round brilliant cut diamond shapes. Modified brilliant cuts in the sense that they differ slightly from the usual round brilliant cut. These modified cuts are popular and in demand for jewelry because they offer the same dazzling sparkle of the traditional brilliant cut, but with a slight variation that makes them unique.


This piece is linked to love and romance because of the heart shape, of course, it is sought after for jewelry the most popular being engagement rings. Although heart-shaped diamonds are not usually the most popular jewelry option, this makes them even more sought after.


The cut is complex and it all depends on balance and symmetry. Getting the cut right is quite complex, but if done right its soft beauty and appeal stand it out from the crowd. As with all diamond cuts, the beauty of it depends on the cut, clarity, and color of the stone used. Get the best stone, and you may well get the best heart-shaped diamond.

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How To Buy Heart-shaped Diamonds – 5 Tips To Know

Heart-shaped diamonds are beautiful, and the thought of owning one can be exciting, however, it is a very delicate and particular shape. As such, if it isn’t done well, you may not be able to appreciate it. And you will not have gotten value for your money. 


So, if you want to purchase heart-shaped diamonds, don’t just jump at the first one you see. Make sure you take the following tips to heart.

The Beauty Is In The Symmetry

The trick in diamond jewelry is that both sides must be perfectly symmetrical. It has to look like a regular heart and each side must be a mirror image of the other. If there is even the slightest disproportion, it will ruin the entire diamond.

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    Pave Pendant Heart Shape

    Do Not Buy The Diamond Blind

    It is a very bad idea to buy a heart-shaped diamond without seeing it first, and no picture of the diamond does not cut it. There could be some discrepancies like asymmetry, the absence of the bow-tie effect, and other imperfections that you will miss if you only see a picture.


    Make sure you see the piece, examine it, and rule out any issues before you pay for it. That way you won’t end up paying for something of inferior quality.

    Pick The Right Size

    When it comes to heart-shaped diamonds, the size is very important. If the diamond is too small, the beauty of the shape will not be displayed advantageously. You will not be able to see the shape and appreciate the artistry and beauty.

    Therefore, when choosing a heart-shaped diamond, you should go for a larger diamond. A big diamond will look better and will better display the beauty and artistry of the heart-shaped design. In most cases, a diamond of over .50 carats and larger is always better.

    Choose The Color And Clarity Grade

    Flaws in heart-shaped diamonds are very noticeable because of the facets and the clear table setting. So, you should go for a stone with good clarity. It does not have to be off the charts though, as long as it looks clean to the naked eye, it can work.


    Additionally, the color is also very important, if you have an unlimited budget, you should go for colorless diamonds. However, you can dial down the color grade if you want warm tones in your diamond. The heart shape also works well with colored diamonds and gemstones, it’s all about the shine.

    Make Your Budget

    Heart-shaped diamonds are not cheap, they cost a lot of money, and rightly so. They are the most expensive diamond cut because of the skill and dexterity involved in the cutting process, and also because the cut is extremely rare.


    As such, if you want a heart-shaped diamond, be prepared to spend more than you would have on a regular diamond, or a more common diamond cut. For instance, a round-shaped diamond cut and a heart-shaped diamond could look almost similar, and yet the heart-shaped diamond would be worth almost $700 more than the round cut diamond.

    Where To Buy Heart-shaped Diamonds In Singapore

    There are a few places you can buy heart-shaped diamonds in Singapore. However, wherever you choose to buy your diamonds, make sure you’re careful and if you’re paying a lot of money for it, it’s best to get a warranty and make sure the diamond is certified.


    Professional Jewelers


    It’s always better to buy diamonds from professionals, professionals are better suited to provide you with the best diamond shopping experience and most of them offer excellent warranty policies, return policies and can give certificates if you purchase a diamond.


    Jewelry Stores


    A jewelry store is also an excellent option when you wish to buy a heart-shaped diamond in Singapore. Most jewelry stores buy already made jewelry and resell, so they are more like retail outlets. However, you can find excellent jewelry options if you take your time and shop carefully.


    Online Stores


    You can also visit online stores and advertisers to buy heart-shaped diamonds in Singapore, however, be very careful and make sure you see the diamond in question physically before you pay for it. Don’t just assume that the diamond is in top shape.




    Dianoche is one of the best diamond dealers in Singapore, we provide every kind of jewelry service including custom-made jewelry. If you want to buy a heart-shaped diamond, Dianoche is your best for both quality and affordability. 


    We are committed to customer satisfaction and we can give you a resounding bang for your buck. In addition to that, we have the best gemologists who are available to answer any questions you might have. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.

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      Our experts will be happy to assist you!

      Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

      Our experts will be happy to assist you!

      Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
      Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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