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Everything You Need to Know About the Princess Diamond

Everyone should know that research is the first step to buying a valuable item. Jewelry is a luxury good, and diamonds are pricey. For this reason, you won’t want to spend money on a mediocre princess diamond

Your princess diamond has got to be top-notch such that it resonates with beauty, chic, and class whenever you put it on. Then, you will find pleasure in wearing it because you know that a mild touch from your princess diamond is fire. So, if you want to bask in the euphoria of a gorgeous princess cut diamond, read on.

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Is Princess Cut a Good Diamond?

The princess diamond is a spectacular cut with facets ranging from 50- 58. Its facets are leveled to perfection to exude a blinding brilliance and fire comparable to none other. As an attribute to its marvelous brilliance, it’s also called the square modified brilliant cut.

When cut properly and symmetrically, it creates a distinct square with straight lines and perfect 90° angled edges. A perfect princess diamond’s ideal length to width ratio ranges from 1.0 to 1.5.

The princess cut is a good one that showcases artistry as it transforms an inverted pyramid into a square with extreme fire and scintillation. The cut sharpens the most desirable qualities any diamond can have. Therefore, the Princess diamond cut births the second most popular and desirable of all diamond shapes

So, if you love the princess cut, I urge you to go for it without hesitation. It is a good cut through and through.

Why are Princess Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

It is no secret that princess diamonds are cheaper than brilliant round cuts. This diamond shape costs about 40% less than a brilliant round diamond. 

The question “why” is valid because this truth is surprising. A princess diamond is popular, stylish, beautiful, and brilliant, so why does it cost less?

Here’s the reason why. The princess diamond cut is cheaper than the round diamond because the cutting is more conservative, resulting in a lesser diamond loss. Most of the stone is maintained during the cutting process, producing bigger stones with greater carats. 

This retainment is something that the brilliant round diamond lacks as its edges are trimmed to produce a circular shape. Here is a princess cut diamond pricing table to give you an idea of princess diamond price in Singapore.


Princess Diamond Carat


1 carat 


2 carat 


3 carat 

$64, 700

4 carat 


5 carat 


What is the Best Setting for a Princess Cut Diamond

A princess cut diamond can be placed in many settings of overt beauty. While selecting a setting according to your style is nice, you must consider what’s best for your diamond.

In the case of a princess diamond, the best setting for it is either channel or four prong settings. The reason is that these settings cover the four sharp angled edges of the diamond, therefore, offering maximum protection. Since the square diamond’s edges are sharp and pointed, they can break or chip easily, necessitating a protective setting. 

The channel setting resembles a solitaire setting in which the main diamond is mounted glamorously. The difference is that with the channel, there are two rows of diamonds set in the metal band on both sides of the center stone. The row of melee diamonds resembles one long diamond strip as there are no spaces in between.

The four prong setting is a beautiful, modern setting that holds the diamond and showcases all its features. In this setting, four prongs project out of the metal band and securely clasp the diamond’s edges. 

The squarish look of the prongs makes it an excellent fit for the princess diamond. So, you can pick between any of the two settings explained above.

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How Much is a 1 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Worth

When buying or making princess cut diamond jewelry like an engagement ring, a 1 carat diamond is often an ideal choice. This carat size showcases the diamond’s brilliance and scintillation and is comfortable to wear every day. As such, it will provide you with a charming engagement ring that will elicit a smile from your loved one and hearty cheers from people around,.

But, before you proceed to shop for a 1 carat princess diamond, you should do background research. The research will help you arrange your budget and get the price range of the diamond. 

Before proceeding, you should note that a diamond’s quality affects its price range. These factors are the diamond’s color, clarity, carat, and cut. Ideally, nearly colorless diamonds are more expensive than those with tints of hue.

Likewise, diamonds that are clear see through, and flawless are of a greater value. Similarly, an excellent cut that allows the diamond’s fire to shine brightly attracts more money. However, the carat is inconsequential in this case because all the diamonds you’ll be looking at share the same size and weight. 

Having said that, the range for the 1 carat princess diamond price in Singapore is between $4,484- $ 12,000. If you want an epic princess diamond, you should look to the higher price end. 

Where to Buy Princess Diamond Jewelry in Singapore

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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