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Characteristics of a Round Cut Diamond

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A Round cut diamond is the most common diamond shape. It is a very famous choice when it comes to engagement rings. The reason being; a round cut diamond is the most sparkling of all other diamond cuts. A diamond with a round cut shape has tremendous fire and scintillation, making it best for diamond earrings, necklaces, and diamond rings too.


A round-cut diamond engagement ring is a popular choice for its stunning design and beauty. The reason for the method of this round brilliant-cut is to attain the modern concept of beauty and classic style.


If you want to go for a diamond that stands out, a round-cut shape is best for you.


With good knowledge, obtaining this round brilliant cut diamond in Singapore won’t pose any challenge. Read on for more information.

The Origin of Round Cut Diamond

A Round cut diamond originated in the middle of the 17th century when diamond cutters began to use improved methods. Before its transformation, round-cut diamonds went through different processes. The first known round diamonds were known as old European cuts. They were circular but much different from the modern-day Round cut diamonds.


The round brilliant cut diamond of 58 facets came about in 1919 when Marcel Tolkowsy published a thesis on the design of diamonds based on a study of refraction and reflection of light in diamonds. The round-cut diamonds went through a transformation. It gradually evolved from a pointcut to old cuts and modern cuts.

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Point Cuts:


Diamonds of these cuts were famous in the middle ages. These jewelers lacked knowledge and technology hence were unable to cut diamonds. They rather conserved the shapes of these diamonds and polished them to pointcuts. 

However, they had symmetrical facets hence creating more sparkle from it.


Old Cuts:


With the progression of the industrial revolution, diamond technology improved relatively, giving diamond cutters more precision with their cuts, resulting in the ability to form a thin girdle (bruting process).

Soon, cutters were able to create the old European cut. They are a good choice for antique rings today.


Modern Cuts:


Marcel Tolkowsy originally invented the modern round brilliant-cut with a mathematical formula for cutting diamonds proportionally. Thanks to advancements in technology, his instruction has been modified to perfection over time.


An old European cut used to be a type of round cut diamond, but they now differ in:


  • Table size:  Old European cuts have smaller tables, while round-cut diamonds are known for large tables.


  • Facet Shape: An old European cut has a triangular facet, while a round diamond has thin facets of different shapes.


  • Precision and Symmetry: Contrary to recent round brilliant cuts, old European diamonds are not symmetrical and precisely cut since they were cut crudely before modern inventions.


The color against brilliance:


Round cuts are to display a diamond’s brilliance. Contrarily, the visibility of color is the basic design for European cuts.

Let’s dive into these.

Major Features of a Round Cut Diamond

1. Color:


Round cut diamonds reflect more light than diamonds of other shapes; therefore, it is difficult to detect color. This diamond has multiple facets and a high level of brilliance which contributes to concealing color.


Diamonds of no color are highly valued. The color G is best for round-cut diamonds as it is colorless, icy, and gives incredible value. For other settings, diamonds of another color grade can be used, depending on your preference.

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Let’s dive into these.

2. Price:

Round cut diamonds are the most luxurious diamond cuts. They are widely recognized and have unrivaled brilliance. They lose about 40% of original stones in their cutting. All these factors make them expensive.


A Round Cut Diamond price varies concerning Carats with shine, purity, and rarity in cutting. Among many others, here are the prices of some round cut diamonds:


  • A 100% natural round brilliant-cut costs $68,900
  • A 2-carat Round Diamond with GIA cert $39,700
  • A 3-carat Round Diamond with GIA certification $93,800
  • Ideal cut round Diamond with the highest purity at $101,500
  • Ideal Round Cut Diamond with Rare Cut at $245,000
  • Three Carat Round Diamond With Amazing Shine at $61,700


Round Cut Diamond – Clarity Guide



Very Good








 SI1- SI2



 > I2





 FL- VS1

 VS2- SI1


 I1- I2

  > I2








 > I1








 > SI2

Let’s dive into these.

3. Popularity:


The main reasons why round cut diamonds are popular include:


  • Beauty: Round Cut Diamonds are unique gems with 58 facets that reflect light. Diamond cutters have continued to perfect the process for cutting round diamonds for over 100 years resulting in its elegance.


  • Brilliance: A diamond sparkles because of its brightness. The ideal aspects of cutting round diamonds provide them with more shine than other diamond shapes. They are absolute eye-catchers.


  • Fire: A round diamond displays a tremendous amount of fire—the amount of light disseminated by a diamond.


  • Versatility/timeless allure: Round brilliant cuts have a classic design that has been in style for centuries. It complements modern Round Cut Diamond rings and vintage rings.

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Best Settings for Round-cut Diamonds

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Some styles that are befitting for round cut diamonds are:


Solitaire settings: A solitaire setting is a simple design that lets diamonds take the center of a ring. It never goes out of style.


Halo Settings:  Smaller stones surround the brilliant-cut in a halo setting, adding more sparkle to it. A halo design enhances the size of the round diamonds making them bolder.


Pave Settings: In pavé settings, round-cut diamonds are elegantly adorned. The pavé setting emphasizes the beauty of center-based diamonds placed by the lining of the ring band with small diamonds.


Vintage Settings: The intricate design of a vintage ring heightens the beauty of a Round Cut Diamond. It is a good choice for lovers of antique styles.

Best Settings for Round-cut Diamonds

After gathering information on Round Cut Diamonds, you might be interested in getting one. The best place to get quality round diamonds cut with precision in Singapore is at Dianoche.


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.
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