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Solitaire Diamonds - a Comprehensive Guide

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Solitaire refers to a gemstone setting in jewelry, not a diamond type. Solitaire diamonds are simply single diamonds. It means using one; diamond as a center stone in your ring, necklace, and earrings. This classic diamond setting has long existed and is well-recognized for its timelessness, simplicity, and beauty.

For several reasons, many consider solitaire diamond jewelry the best ring option. Also, most brides-to-be regard a solitaire engagement ring as the most favorable option because they are versatile, beautiful, and still exude opulence despite being alone.

This solitaire style can feature a four or six-diamond prong setting to keep the stone secure but still exposed to give off sparkle. You have several reasons to love this classic diamond setting in your jewelry, and you will learn more about it in this article. And most importantly, you’ll discover the best place to buy solitaire diamonds in Singapore. Let’s get started.

Which Solitaire Diamond Is Best?

Solitaire diamonds refer to all existing diamond shapes, and the best of them is the round-brilliant cut. Expert diamond cutters cut these round diamonds to maximize sparkle due to the diamond’s depth. And this round cut is the best in solitaire styles, especially for diamond ring settings for engagements or weddings.

Further, these round diamonds are more versatile than others and are not picky as other diamond shapes. For example, emerald-cut diamonds are best for making fingers look longer, unlike other diamond shapes.

Others might be a favorable choice for those with smaller hands; still, others suit those with wider fingers. But this isn’t so with round diamonds. They fit all fingers regardless of their size and width.

These round diamonds have a beautiful shape that goes well with anything. They look good as a standalone and will draw attention without extra stones for attention. It is the best option for whoever wants a piece of single diamond jewelry, and due to its exquisite brilliance, you don’t need additional stones.

Several options go well with solitaire diamond styles, but the prong setting is the most recognized. The reason is that it protects the diamond but still offers enough room to give off its sparkle and fire in the presence of light. This prong setting involves using metal claws to hold the diamond securely.

It could be four or six prongs, and many go for an eight-prong setting to ensure the gemstone is as secure as possible. The prong setting is the best choice for solitaire settings because they don’t shield light from bouncing on the diamond at any angle. This style further ensures your diamond is well exposed to display its beauty.

loose solitaire diamond

What Is the Best Setting for a Solitaire Diamond?

Although many might argue that other settings like the bezel and halo are better because the bezel seems safer than prongs, and the halo makes your diamond sparkle more. But this doesn’t mean prongs aren’t an excellent choice, too. They may have their flaws, but the pros outweigh them.

Additionally, many brides consider it a perfect choice, and research proves that solitaire diamonds feature prong diamond settings in wedding/engagement rings. Also, many other jewelry types, like necklaces, feature a solitaire diamond prong setting.

A necklace is an excellent example with a diamond pendant in its center, including a diamond earring, a well-known example being the diamond studs.

However, remember to be careful when wearing solitaire engagement rings in a diamond prong setting as they can easily snag onto your cloth or any material due to the exposed metal claw. And most importantly, visit a jeweler often to inspect the prongs and confirm if they’re tight enough or have loosened to prevent the diamonds from falling off and getting lost.

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What Is the Cost of a Solitaire Diamond?

The cost of a diamond as a loose diamond or solitaire engagement ring in jewelry differs. As a loose diamond, its carat influences the price, and the average price of a solitaire diamond within 0.53 to 0.99 ct. is $3,374. For higher carats like 2 to 3, budget

around $12,000.

For solitaire diamond jewelry like rings, other factors like the metals and settings aside from carat affect its price, but you can get a two-carat diamond solitaire ring for around $10000 to $16,500 or less. A solitaire diamond’s price is one of its many appealing factors. Its cost is lower than most diamond jewelry with intricate designs and additional stones for more sparkle.

A solitaire diamond doesn’t require extra sparkle or beauty, allowing you to spend more on the diamond’s quality and metal. You can choose a color E in colorless diamonds, platinum, and even a higher carat. All these features make your diamond stand out more, and the sheen from the high-quality metal adds to its beauty.

Where Can I Buy a Solitaire Diamond?

Regardless of where you are, you’ll find jewelry stores or professional jewelers who sell solitaire diamonds as loose diamonds or classic diamonds in solitaire styles. But if you wish to get the best, Dianoche is your best option.

We’re located in Singapore and sell the best solitaire diamond jewelry. If you want solitaire diamond necklaces, rings, earrings, or even bracelets, we have them in different diamond shapes and metal colors. You only have to tell us what you want, and we’ll provide it.


Dianoche has a great reputation for our excellent customer service and well-crafted diamond jewelry. As a solitaire diamond, the cut of a diamond is of utmost priority, and we understand that. At Dianoche, we believe in an excellent cut and give our customers only the best and most stunning solitaire engagement rings and diamonds with maximum sparkle.

We’re a five-star rated marketplace with favorable reviews from previous customers who have well-trained, expert jewelers ready to assist you in shopping. Further, we can provide professional advice about any jewelry you want, and we offer diamond assessments too. All single diamonds you buy from us are of superb quality and come at an affordable cost.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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