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14K White Gold Vs. Platinum: Know the Difference

Gold and platinum have always dominated when it comes to precious metals for fine jewelry. They’re both durable and beautiful metals that possess so much value making you stand out in any gemstone jewelry you decide to wear. White gold is a popular jewelry metal from yellow gold but has a bright white color like platinum.

And the most popular gold karat for jewelry is 14K due to its durability. As a result, there’s been a never-ending debate about 14K white gold vs. platinum. They share a similar color, and it can be challenging to differentiate them if you’re not knowledgeable about precious metals. However, many agree that platinum makes better jewelry, shines brighter, and costs more.

This article is all you need if you also wish to learn about the 14K gold vs. platinum. You’ll learn everything about these precious metals, from their price to durability & maintenance and where to buy them in Singapore.

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Introduction to White Gold and Platinum

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White gold and platinum have taken the lead in jewelry, especially diamond engagement & wedding rings. Although rose gold, yellow gold, and even silver are fine choices, many admire white gold and platinum. It might be because of its beautiful brilliance and additional sparkle they add to gemstones or other reasons.

White gold comes from pure gold and some metals like zinc, nickel, and copper, making it durable. This mixture also adds to white gold’s bright color and usually comes in 14K and 18K since they have a higher gold content.

On the other hand, platinum is a rare metal that is 98% platinum and 2% rhodium and silver. Platinum has more weight and is denser. Rhodium is a very precious metal, durable and costly; hence its addition to platinum makes it even stronger. Precisely, white gold depends on adding other metals for strength, while platinum doesn’t as much, making them better.

Pros of White Gold


  • It costs less.
  • It is a more popular option than other gold colors.
  • Includes other alloys to make them stronger and scratch resistant.


Cons of White Gold


It requires polishing and rhodium plating every few years to retain its luster.

It can cause skin allergies to some people if it contains nickel.


Pros of Platinum


  • It doesn’t cause skin reactions.
  • It is rarer than white gold.
  • It has more heft and durability than white gold.


Cons of Platinum


  • It costs more than white gold even though they share a similar look.
  • It is more vulnerable to scratch.

Platinum Vs. Gold: Price, Durability, and Care

Choosing between 14K or 18K white gold vs. platinum seems challenging. In most cases, many think that the higher the gold karat, the stronger the jewelry, but that’s not entirely true. A lower gold karat has more strength than higher ones due to the addition of other metals.


The only difference is that an 18K white gold has a brighter color because it possesses more gold than 14 karats.



Regarding 14K white gold vs. platinum in cost, platinum tops the chart with around a 40-50% price difference. Whether 14K or I8k white gold vs. platinum, platinum takes the lead in price because a platinum ring uses additional platinum in its production process for higher density.


Additionally, weight and purity determine a metal’s value, and platinum weighs more and is purer than white gold. And since this metal is rare, using a large amount of it makes it pricey.

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Platinum is more susceptible to scratch than white gold, so it demands costly maintenance. Also, it is crucial to frequently polish platinum jewelry to maintain its bright color and smooth texture.

In contrast, white gold doesn’t need as much care as platinum, just re-polishing and replating every few years. You can clean it using a soft cloth and dishwashing liquid to remove dirt from it often.


Picking between 14K gold vs. platinum jewelry might not make much difference because they’re both durable, you may think. But platinum is denser than gold and can efficiently resist wearing away. However, its disadvantage is that its polish fades away more rapidly.

By contrast, white gold is less dense than platinum, but that doesn’t make it less stronger. It even retains engraved designs like milgrains better than platinum. But its downside is that it becomes thinner over time due to low density.

In conclusion, it depends on your budget and preference, platinum isn’t superior to gold, and they both make durable, beautiful jewelry. It may seem platinum wins in the 14K white gold vs. platinum comparison, but this doesn’t make white gold less valuable.

14K gold vs. platinum is a better argument because 14 karats are stronger than 18K since they include more other stronger alloys than gold, unlike 18 karats. It is also a precious, perfect alternative for those desiring platinum but is on a budget.

How to Buy Platinum and White Gold in Singapore?

When buying platinum and white gold jewelry in Singapore, you should consider some factors to ensure you shop right. One of the most important elements to contemplate is your budget. Platinum rings cost more than white gold rings.

When arguing 14K white gold vs. platinum, you should know that platinum is a favorable choice due to its brighter color and durability, but it costs more. But platinum isn’t mandatory if you’re buying a diamond ring, as it would be best to prioritize the diamond over the metal setting.

14K gold is better in this case; it is affordable, stunning, classic, and provides a similar sheen as platinum. Also, consider the durability if you want your jewelry to last longer; platinum is better as it is denser than 14K gold. Overall, if you want platinum for a low budget and can keep up with maintenance, 14K white gold is suitable.

If you wish to buy platinum or white gold jewelry, you should choose Dianoche. We offer high-quality jewelry at reasonable prices. Again, our professional jewelers will guide you on choosing between 14K white gold vs. platinum jewelry after briefing you on everything you need to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between 14K white gold and platinum?

14K white gold is an alloy of gold and other metals, such as silver and palladium, whereas platinum is a pure metal. 14K white gold is also less expensive than platinum.

Which is more durable, 14K white gold or platinum?

Platinum is generally considered more durable than 14K white gold because it is a denser metal and does not wear down as easily.

Is 14K white gold or platinum better for people with sensitive skin?

Platinum is hypoallergenic, making it a better choice for people with sensitive skin. 14K white gold can contain nickel, which may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Does 14K white gold or platinum tarnish more easily?

Neither 14K white gold nor platinum tarnishes, but 14K white gold may develop a yellowish tint over time, which can be remedied with re-plating.

Is 14K white gold or platinum more expensive?

Platinum is generally more expensive than 14K white gold due to its rarity and density.

Can you resize 14K white gold and platinum rings?

Both 14K white gold and platinum rings can be resized by a jeweler, but platinum is more difficult to work with and may require specialized equipment.

Which metal is better for engagement rings, 14K white gold or platinum?

The choice between 14K white gold and platinum for an engagement ring is a matter of personal preference and budget. Platinum is a more durable metal, but 14K white gold is less expensive.

Can you mix 14K white gold and platinum jewelry?

Yes, it is possible to mix 14K white gold and platinum jewelry. However, it is important to consider the different properties of each metal and how they may affect the durability of the piece.

Does 14K white gold or platinum scratch more easily?

Platinum is more scratch-resistant than 14K white gold due to its density and durability.

How do you care for 14K white gold and platinum jewelry?

To care for 14K white gold and platinum jewelry, it is recommended to regularly clean the pieces with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Platinum can also be polished with a specialized cloth to maintain its luster.

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    Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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