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Baguette Diamond

A baguette Diamond is the name for a diamond with a baguette cut. This cut is full of splendor and dates back to the 1920s. It’s a wonder why this diamond cut isn’t as popular as its counterparts, considering its age.

Though it isn’t so popular today, this cut with French origins was an icon during the Art Deco period in history. The rectangular baguette diamond is still very elegant and fits seamlessly with various forms of jewelry.

The baguette cut has variants which include both straight baguette and tapered baguette. Both variants are ideal for jewelry as accent stones or a multiple stone setting. When set beside each other, the stones emit a special type of radiance that is magnificent.

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Is Baguette Diamond Expensive?

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Ideally, price is a major factor that influences the purchase of diamonds. You’ll have to weigh your budget and ensure your dream diamond doesn’t go overboard. So, if the baguette Diamond is the object that holds your affection, you’ll certainly want to know its cost.

Interestingly, I come bearing good news; you may call it tidings of Joy. The baguette diamond price is affordable as it is nowhere near the brilliant round or princess square cut. When diamond cuts are graded, baguette doesn’t come close to the top five.

You should rejoice because inasmuch as it’s not expensive, a baguette Diamond still holds timeless beauty. The baguette cut with 14 facets features among step cut diamonds sits nicely in channel, vintage, and three stone settings.


Because the baguette diamond shape’s demand is not so high, it may be challenging to search for it. Also, due to the fragility and other characteristics of the cut, it’s best to contact a trusted jeweler for one. If you go along with ordering a baguette diamond ring or earrings from a jeweler, you’ll get a quality jewel at a fair price.


Despite the lesser cost of buying from a jeweler, the baguette cut is generally inexpensive compared to other cuts. Even the emerald diamond is worth more than the baguette diamond. So, I’m certain that you can afford a baguette diamond without breaking a sweat.

What Does Baguette Mean in Diamonds?

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If you’re familiar with French, you’ll know that baguette is a French word. When you hear baguette, what comes to mind are the long hot loaves of bread. But how do bread and diamonds relate?


Why is the cut called baguette? Well, the baguette in reference to diamonds has no relation to bread. In actuality, the French word baguette means “stick.” If you observe, both the baguette diamond and bread have elongated shapes like sticks.


Baguettes are very slim with extra sharp squared edges. Due to the nature of the edges, this diamond cut chips easily, requiring a very protective setting. So, the name came about as a result of its elongated nature.


Sometimes, baguettes resemble a square but often bear a 5:1 ratio. A baguette diamond with linear edges that form a perfect triangle is known as a straight baguette. In contrast, the tapered baguette diamond has edges that angle inwards.


Because a baguette diamond has 14 facets and fewer steps, it is more revealing than other kinds of step cut diamonds. Therefore, it requires clear diamonds as you can capture imperfections in the stone with your naked eyes. With a clear gem, the baguette diamond will look as yummy as the bread.

What is the Difference Between Emerald Cut and Baguette?

The baguette and emerald cut diamond has a prominent similarity. They both belong to the same class of step cut fancy shaped diamonds. However, they also have differences that make them distinct and unique.

Looking at both diamond cuts, you may likely mistake one for the other as their shapes are similar. However, if you look carefully, you will see that the edges of a baguette diamond are square, while that of an emerald is diagonal. Additionally, a baguette diamond is typically longer and narrower when you look at its size and stature.

When you look at the facets of both step cuts, those of emerald diamond number more. Emerald diamonds have between 50- 58 facets, while baguette diamonds have just 14 facets.

Also, emerald cut diamonds often have larger sizes/ carat weights compared to baguettes which are smaller. Lastly, it’s more common to find a baguette diamond as an accent stone, whereas emerald diamonds are a popular center stone choice.

How do you Clean a Diamond Baguette?

A baguette diamond has few facets. Therefore, its imperfections are more visible, and it doesn’t sparkle as much as other diamond cuts. Since it has less sparkle, its brilliance is also dim.


Therefore, for optimal appearance, you’ve got to ensure that your baguette diamond is always clean. Cleaning a baguette Diamond is the same as cleaning a regular diamond. The only difference is that you’ll have to apply more caution as its edges are more susceptible to chipping.


You can buy a jewelry cleaner to maintain your baguette. Alternatively, you can maintain the neatness of your baguette diamond by washing it regularly with mild soap, water, and a soft brush. Always ensure to rinse it and pat it dry.


As a tip, do not wear your diamond when engaging in tasking chores. Also, endeavor to pull it whenever you want to shower.

Where to buy Baguette Diamond in Singapore?

Baguette diamonds make good jewelry pieces if the sparkle does not enthrall you. Hence, a baguette diamond ring is perfect for your proposal if you’re short of funds.

Our showroom holds the best baguette diamonds in Singapore. So, if you’d like to buy an amazing baguette diamond ring perfectly sculpted by a skilled professional, visit Dianoche. Kindly fill out the form below if you’d like to buy the brightest baguette diamonds in Singapore today!

What is a baguette diamond?

A baguette diamond is a type of diamond cut that is characterized by its long, narrow shape and step-like facets.

How are baguette diamonds cut?

Baguette diamonds are cut in a rectangular or oblong shape with straight sides and pointed ends. They have a series of flat, step-like facets arranged parallel to their length.

What is the difference between a baguette and a princess cut diamond?

A princess cut diamond has a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners and many facets that are arranged in a brilliant pattern. In contrast, a baguette diamond has fewer, larger facets that are arranged in a step-like pattern.

What is the ideal setting for a baguette diamond?

The ideal setting for a baguette diamond depends on personal preference and the type of jewelry it will be set in. Baguette diamonds are often set in channel settings or as side stones in engagement rings or other jewelry.

How do I care for my baguette diamond jewelry?

To care for your baguette diamond jewelry, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or abrasives and remove it when engaging in physical activity. You can clean baguette diamonds with a soft brush and mild soap solution, or have them professionally cleaned.

Are baguette diamonds less expensive than other diamond cuts?

Baguette diamonds can be less expensive than other diamond cuts because they typically have lower carat weights and are less popular than other cuts.

Can baguette diamonds be used as the main stone in an engagement ring?

Yes, baguette diamonds can be used as the main stone in an engagement ring. However, they are more commonly used as side stones or accents.

How do I determine the quality of a baguette diamond?

Baguette diamonds are graded on the same four Cs as other diamonds: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Look for diamonds with high clarity and color grades, and pay attention to the symmetry and proportions of the diamond's facets.

What is the history of baguette diamonds?

Baguette diamonds were first used in jewelry design in the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s. They gained popularity for their sleek, geometric shape and were often paired with other diamond cuts in intricate designs.

Can baguette diamonds be customized or cut to a specific size?

Baguette diamonds can be customized or cut to a specific size, but it is important to work with a skilled diamond cutter to ensure the diamond's proportions and symmetry are maintained. It may also be more expensive to have a baguette diamond custom cut.

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