Colorful Diamonds

If a colorful diamond is what you wish for- we strongly recommend you to read the following article. Colorful diamonds are the most powerful trend in the jewelry world

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black diamond

Black Diamonds

The purpose of this article is to give a description on two aspects of black diamonds – the interesting one and the practical one. In order to make it easier on the purchase-focused readers, we will begin with some advice and insights about how to choose a black diamond and we will mostly talk about the prices of such diamonds.

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Natural Blue Sapphire

Artificial Sapphire

Artificial Sapphire or Rubi are actually polished gems of the corundum mineral that is produced in lab conditions and is not produced naturally in the depth of the earth.

They posses supreme and good features according to the quality, they usually imitate the natural stones in a high standard but they are significantly cheaper than entirely natural stones or enhanced stones.

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