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Diamond Engagement Ring - How to Buy the Right Ring

If there is one event or phase people in relationships look forward to that isn’t their wedding, it’s engagements. An engagement seals the deal between two people promising to spend the rest of their lives together. And as such, such an event needs an excellent sentimental item to seal it with.


Opting for diamond engagement ring is a beautiful idea for your engagement. What’s more? Diamond engagement ring are suitable for both men and women. You can also decide to go for a customized engagement ring.


Whichever choice you make in the long run, you first need to know how to pick the right ring. True, diamonds are costly and of high value. Nevertheless, this doesn’t break the fact that many people are selling counterfeit diamonds.


For reasons like this, you need to be well guided on how to pick a good diamond engagement rin. Below is a list of easy steps to follow so you can purchase the perfect ring:


Measure Your Partner's Ring Size

Foremost, before any other tip to buy engagement rings, you must know your partner’s ring measurement. You can take this measurement using a string or a ruler. Whichever is most suitable for you at that moment will serve.

Without the correct ring measurement, all your efforts to get good diamond engagement ring will be futile. The easiest way to take your partner’s ring measurement is:

  • Take a strong string.
  • Tie the string loosely around the ring finger and ensure it doesn’t quickly pass the index finger’s last joint.
  • Cut the string and place it on a ruler.
  • Ensure the string is bold enough for you to get the correct measurements.
  • Write down the starting and end point of the string on the rule and give it to your jeweler.

Pick a Diamond Engagement Ring Style

Now that you have the ring measurement, you must pick a diamond engagement ring style. The trick about diamond rings is that there are many cuts and styles. Some of them include:


  • Solitaire: The solitaire diamond engagement ring are typical traditional rings that have been around for a while. Solitaire is a name for the ring style because it has a solo-style diamond at the center. Many people go for this because it is usually simple and less expensive. The solitaire diamond is mounted on the ring band or claw to show its beauty.


  • Halo cut engagement rings.


  • Cluster, also known as illusion rings. Smaller diamonds are clustered together in this diamond engagement ring setting to look like a giant diamond.


  • Oval Halo. This style of diamond engagement ring helps you maximize the space on your ring band. And makes your engagement ring look more prominent.


  • Shank and Split-Shank style diamond engagement rings.


  • Bezel diamond engagement rings.


  • Three stone-style engagement rings.


  • Double diamond style.


Of the ten above-mentioned Diamond engagement ring styles, you must have seen at least one before. These are the easiest to come by diamond engagement ring styles, and you may want to pick one for your partner.

Look Out for the 4Cs of the Diamond

How you check for purity when buying gold, there are also certain qualities to look out for in diamond engagement rings. These qualities are generally given the term 4Cs. They are:


1. Cut

Shared knowledge—some diamond engagement ring cuts are different from others. You must mainly check for how neat the diamond cut is and how well the edges are handled. If you buy an engagement ring with a rough cut, it will never serve the proposed look.


Diamond engagement rings with clumsy cuts can even injure you or your partner’s fingers. 

2. Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to how free it is from blemishes and how spotless the Diamond is. So a diamond ring with blemishes is as good as no diamond ring. Because no one wants a ring that doesn’t sparkle and costs so much. So always look out for clarity.


3. Color

The ring’s color quality is the following qualifications to look out for in a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds have a color grade, mostly the D, E, and F. Anything below this is too warm for a simple ring and has to go with a gold band to look nice. Therefore, weigh your choices and pick the best option.


4. Carat

The carat of the Diamond refers to how much a diamond will weigh on a scale. Usually, the law is that the higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond engagement rings. Ask your jeweler how many carat diamonds will be most suitable for the ring style you pick.

Ask for Customer Warranty and Return Policies​

Lastly, always ask your ring sellers about their warranty packages and return policies. Some people go home after buying their rings and discover that engagement rings have a few flaws. In situations like this, you have to know what your fate is with your merchant.


If your diamond engagement rings seller doesn’t have a suitable return policy, try to get another merchant.

Where to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in Singapore?

Living in Singapore is bliss until you need a trustworthy seller to buy something expensive from. This will have you going from one place to another looking for the best deals. However, no need to worry anymore as we have you covered.


If you live in  Singapore, it’ll be a surprise that you haven’t heard of Dianoche. We’re a five-star google rated business that sells diamonds and diamond jewelry. Our services are top-notch, and we have something for everyone.


Walking into Dianoche to purchase diamond engagement rings is walking into a hall of variety. However, if you still do not find the exact ring you need, we can always have one customized for you.

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Our business ensures it provides you with advantages of coming to shop with us, and the most prominent is our free evaluation. We give you a free evaluation session with an expert gemologist so you can evaluate your diamond rings. During this evaluation session, you look into the clarity, cut, color, and carat of the diamond engagement rings you’re purchasing.


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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