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The Guide That Will Help You To Find A Diamond Ring In Singapore

Diamond rings are a girl’s best friend. Gradually, they are establishing a relationship with men too. What speaks love better than a diamond ring?


Although diamond rings are always available, it is not easy to know which one is right for you. There are certain things to look out for when buying a diamond ring. However, it is not entirely impossible to get a diamond ring that is perfect for you, or a well-fitting everlasting diamond ring in Singapore.

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How to Choose a Diamond Ring

It would help if you considered specific characteristics of diamond rings before acquiring one. These characteristics or features you take into consideration help you think like a professional jeweler. Thus, helping you to get a good diamond ring.

So, how do you choose a diamond ring in Singapore?

  1. Carat
    The Diamond on a diamond ring is the main focus of the ring. Therefore, your Diamond needs to be the right size, the right weight, and the right cut to draw attention. What better way to draw attention to your Diamond than having a perfect carat?
    The weight of a diamond is measured in metric carats. This measurement is mostly used by geologists (people who study gems such as diamonds). The average diamond carat is 1 carat which is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams.
    You may think a 1 carat diamond ring is too small. However, a 1-carat diamond ring is big enough to draw as much attention as you need. It is the right size and the right weight.
    When choosing a diamond carat for your ring, you need also to check your budget. Being among the smallest diamond carats available, it is also among the cheapest.
    A 1 carat diamond price in Singapore is around S$1000 to S$12500. It all depends on where you are getting the Diamond from and what is added to or done. A 1-carat diamond ring Singapore is worth every dime paid for it.
    Nevertheless, if your budget can take something higher, then you can go for higher carat figures. You may decide to choose 2 carats, 3 carats, or even 4 carats. If you like something extraordinary, go for it.
  2.  Color:
    The most valuable natural diamond ring is colorless. Also, you must know that not all diamonds are colorless. They usually come in a range from colorless to slightly tinted yellow to light yellow. 
    A diamond would be considered more valuable and attractive the less color it has. However, it is up to you to choose which color of Diamond you’d like. You may find colorless diamonds less attractive than colored diamonds. 
    Colorless and light yellow are the natural and most common colors of Diamond. However, diamonds exist in several other colors. 
    Pink Diamond is a very rare but popular diamond. Since it is rare, its worth is very high. Emerald cut diamond ring and blue diamond ring, Singapore especially, are very much available.
  3. Cut:
    The cut of a diamond determines its glow. 
    The word glow represents three things in diamonds. 
    ● Brightness: This is the reflection of white light. If a diamond is cut well, it can reflect as much light as possible and thus, shine more.
    ● Fire: This is the dispersion of light in all the colors of the rainbow. A colorful yet colorless rainbow speaks volumes.
    ● Sparkles: These are caused by light and dark contours within the Diamond.
    The cut of a diamond is a name given to the angles and faces of the gem. A diamond with a few or inaccurate cuts appears dull and unattractive. But a well-cut diamond can make magic with light.
    Furthermore, the grading of a cut is divided into three parameters. They are;
  4. Certificate:
    When you buy diamond rings Singapore, ensure that a reputable gem laboratory issues the certificate of the Diamond. The popularity and reputation of the gem laboratory tell you the quality of the Diamond. Therefore, only a diamond of great qualities will be given a certificate by a high-standard gem laboratory.
    A gem certificate tells you specific and authentic features of the Diamond you are purchasing. If you must buy a diamond, always buy a diamond that has a certificate. Don’t forget to check the name of the laboratory that issued the certificate.
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Do Diamond Rings Keep Their Value?

Diamond is not an appreciating asset. Therefore, when acquiring a diamond, its worth or value decreases. If that Diamond is sold, the owner will have a 32% to 80% loss. 


The value of diamonds depreciates. So, no, Diamonds do not keep their value. They reduce in value. Diamonds are in constant supply, ever available. However, the demand is never high as not everyone can afford it. Thus, leading to the reduced value.


If a commodity in high supply is demanded often, its value will increase.

Where Should You Not Buy a Diamond Ring?

Engagement ring Singapore is sold anywhere and everywhere. Having the right Diamond makes it perfect. However, there are specific places you should not buy a diamond ring Singapore in particular. 


These places have certain features that will cause you to get a diamond ring of poor quality. An example of these places is general online markets. Online marketplaces sell everything. They don’t focus on particular items. Therefore, you might not get the quality or style of diamond ring you wish for. 

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Also, it is advisable to stay off online jewelry stores that have poor ratings from customers. Customers never lie; they are always right. If 100 people give only two to three stars to an online jewelry store, it is not a store you want to patronize. 


Go for online stores that have four to five stars. This means their services are top-notch, and you might find the diamond ring you are looking for there.

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How Much Does A Diamond Ring Cost in Singapore?

Diamond ring Singapore, depending on the quality, is rarely cheap. Diamond ring price in Singapore isn’t constant, not even a 1 carat diamond ring price. The materials and skills involved add to the price, and these factors vary too.


You can have a diamond ring between S$500 to S$20,000 in Singapore. That is the average range of a diamond ring Singapore price. So diamond rings are not cheap. Except you’re going for a diamond ring of a smaller carat and less original materials.


The best diamond ring Singapore price has to be high. The higher the price, the higher the quality.

Where To Buy a Diamond Ring In Singapore

Ever wondered where to buy a diamond ring in Singapore? Well, wonder no more. Diamond ring Singapore is available at Dianoche


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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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