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Sapphire Rings: A Guide On How To Get The Best

Sapphire is known as one of the four precious gemstones. In this light, it is very classy and looks good on many kinds of jewelry. For rings, a sapphire will serve as a very good center stone on top of any ring.  Furthermore, real sapphire rings have an unbeatable class that only they can produce.

However, getting one can be quite difficult. Fortunately, if you are having difficulties picking the right ring, and knowing whether or not to get a sapphire ring, then this is the article for you.

Sapphire Rings

What Does A Sapphire Ring Signify?

Many credible sources have recorded and highly believed that sapphire gems signify virtue, wisdom, good fortune, and holiness for royalties.


Due to its richness in color, ancient Greek presumed that the sky represented the reflection of an enormous sapphire. These Greek mythology also states that sapphires were celestial gems and could protect them from evil, poisoning, or envy. 


In this light, whoever wore a sapphire ring or any other sapphire-based jewel was considered a person of immense luck.

How Much Is A Real Sapphire Ring Worth?

If you want to get a sapphire ring, then you’re most concerned about the¬†sapphire ring price.¬†

The numerous beliefs about sapphire gems and their rare nature have placed them highly in the jewel markets.

A Real sapphire ring can cost around from around $400 to about $1200 per karat. 

Although this gemstone costs less than a diamond ring, some merchants sell for up to tens of thousands of dollars, especially a blue sapphire ring.

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Is Sapphire Good For A Ring?

Although they are not as popular as diamonds, Sapphire gems have become a more typical stone for an engagement ring.

In the past, sapphires were the typical stones for royalties, given their blue color and lucky powers. However, today sapphire engagement rings are loved all over for their rich color and durability.

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Is A Blue Sapphire A Good Engagement Ring?

Far from their historical significance, blue sapphire gems are durable and versatile stones. This makes a sapphire ring the ideal ring for any engagement or wedding.

So when you’re picking sapphire engagement rings for women, a blue sapphire will always suffice.

Sapphire Vs. Diamond

Sapphire and diamonds are both precious gemstones.


Over time, there have been controversies concerning which of these gems are the best choice. 


If you also have been indecisive concerning which gem to use for your jewelry or ring, look in this table below to make a decision for which suits you and the occasion in question perfectly.

It is not news that many jewel merchants sell fake/proxy jewels and pretend like they are the original.

If you are going to get a real sapphire ring, these are some things to look out for.

  • Use a magnifying glass or jewelers glass to check the gem for blemishes. The reason is that every pure sapphire gem is free of any impurities.
  • Check the gem for scratches: Sapphires are known to be very durable¬†gemstones. They weigh 9 on a Mohs scale, which means no object weighing lower can scratch a¬†real sapphire. (not even glass, as glass weighs about 5.5 on the Mohs scale).

What this means is that only a diamond can scratch a real sapphire gem.

Sapphire Ring

Where To Buy Sapphire Rings In Singapore

If you are in Singapore and confused about where to get the best sapphire ring, then we got you covered. 

At Dianoche, the best quality of any sapphire ring in any desired design is available. If you buy from us, you are buying directly from the manufacturer at a very fair rate.  

Another advantage of buying a sapphire ring from us is that you make possible changes to the rings before taking them with you. 

To get a free consultation session with an expert gemologist before you buy, fill the form below. The process is stressful-free, and you’ll get quality for your money.

Sapphire Rings

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry?
Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you.

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