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What Style Of Diamond Bracelet Is Right for You?

A stunning form of diamond jewelry that is a favorite fashion accessory of many is a diamond bracelet. You can wear diamonds on your neck, ear, and fingers, but there’s something superb about wearing diamonds on the wrist. This fact is true for both genders.


However, males can’t use all styles of diamond bracelets, but the scintillating tennis diamond bracelets are unisex. Masculinity restricts men to using tennis bracelets alone, but the ladies are free to explore. So, as the gentlemen wonder what design of tennis diamond bracelet to go for, ladies have a wider range of designs to make them ponder.


In this article, we will equip you with information to help you find the perfect diamond bracelet for your wrist.

white gold infinity diamond bracelet

Types of Diamond Bracelets

If you’re a lover of exploration, this will enthrall you. There are many options for those willing to try out different diamond bracelets.


Interestingly, each diamond bracelet possesses special charms that make it irresistible. If you’re ready to proceed, let’s see the types of diamond bracelets.


Diamond Tennis Bracelet


This diamond bracelet consists of an array of nearly identical or similar-sized diamonds attached to a band that encircles the wrist. The band could have any precious metal you desire. The tennis bracelet is the most popular type of diamond bracelet. It’s suitable for dinner dates, work, parties, and sports.


A fun fact about this bracelet is that it was formerly called a line bracelet till a player lost hers in an event, causing the game to pause. This incident is instrumental in the fame of tennis bracelets.

white gold infinity diamond bracelet

Halo Diamond Bracelets


This diamond bracelet design has a cushion cut diamond as a center stone. The center stone then has a flank of smaller diamonds all around. The diamond could sit on a chain or a band.


The beauty of halo bracelets is their million dollars sparkle and brilliance owing to the numerous complimentary stones.


Solitaire Diamond Bracelet


As the name implies, solitaire diamond bracelets have a single stone as the crowning glory. The design is simple, alluring, and elegant. There are no extra stones or build-up of tension.


The precious solo stone could be set on a gold or silver cuff that expands, clasping the wrists or a chain.

Prong Diamond Bracelets


A prong diamond bracelet focuses on the way the stone is held. Rather than being etched, it sits in the middle of 3, 4, or 6 prongs for maximum security. It’s a popular choice because it grips the stone firmly.


Chain Bracelet


This design features a chain of inter-connected diamonds linked together. It doesn’t necessarily need prongs as the stones can etch to the metal.


Multiple Stone Bracelet


This diamond bracelet design mostly features three stones. The center stone is usually larger than both at the side. When viewed from the front, the stones look like a steep ascent.


Now that you’re familiar with the types let’s find out how to select the best of each type.

How to Select the Best Diamond Bracelet?

Selecting the most suitable diamond bracelet may be challenging, but only for those who go shopping without first researching. Research will grant you clarity on necessary focal points to observe and tips to find what you’ll love. For those who find reading boring, you can get a friend well versed in diamond bracelets and jewelry to accompany you.

However, some factors will lead you to the right bracelet.

Custom or Ready-made

First off, you need to answer the big question. Are you going for a custom or ready-made diamond bracelet? The answer to this brings clarity and direction while narrowing down your search.


Before deciding, you should know that custom-made bracelets are rarer and more expensive while ready-made is mostly rampant. If you’re going with custom, you could get a jeweler to draw up a design if you have none in mind.

yellow gold infinity diamond bracelet


For any item of diamond jewelry, there are many outlandish designs. The same is the case for a diamond bracelet. It has a solitaire, chain, pave, prong, and other designs.


You could choose your favorite design or which looks best on you. Another easy alternative is picking a design that matches other single pieces of diamond jewelry you own.

Skin Tone

The world is full of races with various skin tones. Though most diamonds are nearly colorless, the band metal of diamond bracelets isn’t. The color options range from rose, yellow and white gold to colors like silver and platinum, which are identical to white gold.

Like with clothes, not all colors work for everyone. Rose gold makes dark skin pop, and yellow gold complements light skin, but white gold, platinum, and silver aren’t so attractive on pale skin.



Your body size can influence the diamond bracelet style that will suit you. I’ll advise full-bodied individuals to wear statement diamond bracelets as they’re more noticeable on their arms. The chain of diamonds could also be of a bigger carat. In contrast, slim people should opt for lightweight chain diamond bracelets.



Whether you’re opting for a customized or ready-made diamond bracelet, you should be financially capable of acquiring your choice. The band metal of a diamond bracelet influences its value since some precious metals are costlier. For example, white gold is a little more expensive than yellow gold.



Finally, it all boils down to your preference. There’s no general rule in wearing jewelry; what works for people differs. You should know the qualities you desire in a diamond bracelet.


So, feel free to do you and let your personality find expression in your choice of a diamond bracelet.

Having understood the factors behind choosing the right diamond bracelet, I’m sure you’ll like to buy. Now comes the next challenge: ” where to buy.” Don’t worry; you can find a reliable dealer with the help of family, friends, and google.


Simply ask for referrals or take your phone and search for trustworthy diamond bracelet sellers in your location.


However, if you’re in Singapore, things just got easier. You can simply visit us at Dianoche or browse through our diamond bracelet catalog on our website. To pay us a physical visit, kindly visit our website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.


If you do, a free consultation awaits you.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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