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How to Choose the Best Diamond Necklace?

Our appearance is one of the most important things we consider before leaving home. No one wants to look dull, which is where jewelry comes in. Diamond jewelry is a well-known ornament due to its sparkle and brilliance.


Diamond necklaces are unisex jewelry, so men and women can rock them at different intervals depending on their outfits and mood. But the difference will always be stark in the design of feminine jewelry. It always has a more intricate and stylish style with a touch of feminine grace, while men’s necklaces are always almost simple and fashionable.


Regardless of how you dress, you can rest assured knowing there’s something perfect for you, but the issue is which one is best for you and how you can wear it. This brings us back to choosing the best diamond necklace for you. Stick around to learn more.

Diamond Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces Types

A few of the various diamond necklaces available are listed below.


Diamond Chains


Diamond chains are more popular among music artists, but it isn’t uncommon to see women rocking them. These chains are often called iced-out chains, especially in Cuban designs. Depending on individual preference, it can be light, simple, and sometimes thick.

yellow diamond necklace

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Diamond Pendant Necklaces


Diamond necklace like this feature a pendant and sometimes a metal or diamond chain. It could be a gold or platinum chain worn with a diamond pendant or a diamond necklace paired with a diamond pendant and is common among both genders as some diamond pendants are custom-made. A famous example is a cross pendant, more common among men.


Diamond Solitaire Necklaces

Solitaire necklaces are ornaments featuring one diamond. Such necklaces are usually simple. It could be a necklace worn with a single diamond pendant that can be removed and added back or a permanent pendant already attached to the necklace.


Diamond Gold Necklaces

Such a diamond necklace features a gold chain which could be yellow, white, or rose gold. Also, you can select any diamond shape and use it as a pendant or attach diamonds to the chain all over as an iced-out design. Gold is a valuable metal, well-known, and also expensive. Combining such precious metal with diamonds exudes luxury, elegance, and class.

How to Select a Perfect Diamond Necklace?

It depends on length, a diamond’s four C’s, and metal color.


A diamond necklace comes in various lengths, such as 16 inches (collar necklaces) and sometimes 14 inches as a choker. Princess in 18 inches and Matinee in 20 to 23 inches.

Choker necklaces are usually more conventional among women, especially in gothic dressing. However, men have also rocked such jewelry, particularly in leather forms.

Chokers are usually short and best fitting for people with slender necks. If you have a fat neck, it would be best to wear a thin choker to ensure it still looks good. Such diamond necklace chokers should be worn on open-neck clothing. Such an open neckline highlights the choker and if it features a drop-down pendant, ensure it is visible and not covered by your dress.

Collar necklaces work best with crew-neck tops, but you can also wear them with V-neck dresses. Since they stop right on your collar, some dresses may make them appear dull, so ensure they’re bold and visible enough to make a statement as you intended.

Men who wear collar diamond necklaces also do so with collared shirts but leave the first two or three buttons open to show them off and often layer them.

Princess necklaces are 45 cm and fall below the collar. They work best with any outfit and can be paired with diamond pendants. Additionally, they could be a scoop neckline, V-neck, or button-up top. Men prefer this necklace length type; it is perfect for daily wear on every outfit, and many prefer the 18 inches as the maximum length for diamond necklace layering.

Lastly, the Matinee necklace is a 20-23 inches of jewelry that stops at the bust. They can be worn with simple, casual, lovely outfits like turtlenecks.

round brilliant diamond chain necklace

Metal Color


Many people choose metal colors due to their skin tones or cost.


Gold comes in three colors: yellow, white, and rose color. Yellow gold is more popular as it has been a traditional choice for ages.


People with cool skin tones prefer white, bright precious metals like white gold, platinum, and silver, while others with warm tones choose yellow and rose gold. White gold costs more than yellow gold due to its coating and maintenance expenses. But generally, their cost depends on the gold content expressed in karats.

Platinum is another metal color well known for its bright sheen. It is rare, purer, and more durable than white gold, making it a perfect choice for those with no budget issues. Although platinum costs more, going for white gold doesn’t negatively affect your jewelry.


Silver jewelry possesses a similar brilliance as white gold and platinum. It has a low and high silver content, with 999 being the highest silver content, making excellent quality silver jewelry.

However, sterling silver has 92.5% silver and is perfect for any jewelry, as jewelers have recommended, due to its alloy combination.

Diamond’s Four C’s


These include cut, clarity, color, and carat. Deciding the best diamond necklace for you depends on the diamond’s quality. Surely you’d want high-quality diamond necklaces; hence you should pick diamonds with an excellent cut as that influences its brilliance and sparkle.


Secondly, the color should be great, but you can go low to the near colorless range if you’re shopping on a budget. Thirdly, the clarity of the diamond should be eye clean and show no inclusions; SI 1 would do. Lastly, you can afford to compromise on carats and go for a smaller carat as you can afford.


After learning how to choose the best diamond necklaces, the next question would be where to buy them. If you’d love to buy one in Singapore, say less, Dianoche is here for you. We only sell the best diamond jewelry with various beautiful designs and styles at affordable prices.


Please complete the form below to start your purchase and get a free consultation with an expert gemologist. We’ll be pleased to help you get a stunning necklace worth your money.

Diamond Necklaces

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