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Diamond Color Chart

Be advised that different labs use the same letters scale (D-Z) but with a different meaning. We see a lot of “local” certifications that grade, for example, a K color diamond (by GIA standards) as an F color diamond under their own standards… 

This might shock you but there is no patent on diamond grading scales… So even if you don’t buy a diamond with a GIA certificate it is always wise to compare between your diamond to a GIA diamond for a better perspective on your diamond’s true quality. 

This is the GIA diamond color chart in full. 

  • D-F – colorless diamonds
  • G-J – near colorless
  • K-M – very light (color)
  • S-Z – light (color)

We choose to use D-M diamonds for this color diamond chart since we rarely sell diamonds that are over the M color. All the photos were taken under very similar conditions in order to create the most accurate comparison. Again all of these diamonds were rated by GIA. 

This is what we think you should learn from the diamond color chart: 

  • Buy a diamond not letters –  as you can see from the chart above, there is not a big difference between close colors. And these images were taken with some of the best quality equipment available.  So we believe you should choose a budget that you feel comfortable with, and then choose the best diamond for you. 

  • Remember this tip – For white gold / platinum jewelry we believe that you need to buy the higher colors – D-J. The reason for that is that there is a big contrast between the diamond and the metal color so you will want the higher color so you can see the yellow tinge very easily. For yellow and rose gold jewelry it’s better to go between H-L since the color of the gold reflects in the diamond, and it’s a bit of a waste to buy a higher color. 

D represents the highest color on the white diamonds color chart. What is the meaning of being on top:

  • Gemologically speaking, D color is the purest color of the diamond – which means that no other materials and elements interfered with the creation of the D color diamond. 

  • Commercially speaking D color diamond is the most expensive diamond 🙂 

  • Interesting to know – while working with the private sector we realised a lot of people, aesthetically speaking, prefer the near colorless diamonds (G-J) over the colorless – D-F. So our main advice is to choose a diamond not letters and numbers. In order for this to be effective make sure you compare different diamonds when they are sitting next to each other. 

Is diamond color important? 

Although we believe that the cut is the most important factor while choosing a diamond, color is a close second. Color is something that you can see without magnification. More than the color grade, you need to check for BGM in order to esses the diamond correctly.

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