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Diamond Earrings: How to Choose the Perfect Pair For You?

From a wide variety of jewelry, diamonds are everyone’s best friend. They’re, of course, the only gem made of a single element; 99.5% pure carbon. So is there a better unisex form to wear them than earrings? They sparkle, shimmer and shine; With a pair of diamond earrings, you’ll stand out elegantly in any crowd.


Unique diamond earrings in Singapore cost a fortune. They come in various styles and shapes, plus they add a whiff of charisma and sophistication to any look. The right diamond earrings will delicately accentuate your facial features whenever and wherever.


In this article you will learn how to choose the perfect pair of earrings just for you.

Different Types Of Diamond Earrings

For any item to be truly fashionable, it must come in varieties. Diamond earrings are no exception to this. Our most precious diamonds are excellent pieces of jewelry because they are not only beautiful but also durable.


Diamond rate ten on a Mohs scale of hardness. They are transparent, have excellent light refractors, and have few inclusions. In addition, they have this glittery effect that makes one sparkle like a hoaxing diamond in the sky. These are the main types of diamond earrings that exist in the market: 

diamond earrings for woman

Stud earrings  They are simple, little in size, and sit comfortably on the earlobes without dropping or looping

Drop earrings  They are simple, fashionable, and long so that they hang below the earlobes

Stud with drop earrings  This is a combination of stud and drop

Cluster diamond earrings  They sit on the earlobes and are composed of several tiny diamonds grouped

Halo diamond earrings  This has a large stone at the center with accent diamonds around it, creating a halo effect

Solitaire diamond earrings  Solitaire means solo or alone. It’s an earring with a single diamond set by itself. It has a minimum of 0.30 carat, weighs more, and is more expensive

glamorous diamond hoop earring

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All these earrings can suit a man as much as they suit a lady. It’s all about the shape, color and metal that flatters you, in combination with the type of earring that you feel most comfortable with. Many men prefer to wear a single earring on only one ear, but in Asian countries, and especially in Singapore, it is also acceptable to see men wearing earrings on both ears. Diamond earrings make men in Singapore look even more fashionable, unique and prestigious.

How To Choose the Right Diamond Earrings Shape For You

A natural diamond is a real diamond formed from carbon in the lithosphere over a long period, 1-3 million years. When small loose diamonds are mined or found, they are collected as a loose diamond; refined and used for industrial purposes or turned into jewelry such as diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, etc.


With technological evolution, many alternatives have been created in recent years, referred to as fake, synthetic, or simulated diamonds. Examples are:

Diamond Earrings Are Not Only For Women

Diamond earrings might be considered as a feminine phenomenon in the modern world, but did you know that men wore earrings from centuries ago? Earrings were a unisex phenomenon even as far back as 5,000 years ago, but they reached the mainstream only at the late 90’s. In the 21st century, earrings for men got even better and today you can find all kinds of styles of earrings for women and men alike, including diamond earringsDiamond earrings are a piece of fashion accessory that sits elegantly well on many outfits and blend with many colors due to their brilliance.


Just like cologne whiffs out, diamond earrings for men add a touch of sleekness and mystery to a look. Men mostly put on diamond studs. It may interest you to note that while diamonds are mostly colorless, they are also richly colored. You can find fancy colored diamonds in hues of yellow, amber, green, pink and even purple. We also have white stud diamonds. There are many options to choose from as they vary in color, shape, style, and setting.

diamond earrings for man

The square cut (aka “princess cut”) and the round cut are most prominent amongst men. They are both excellent in reflection and refraction, but the round-cut diamond is more brilliant. If you’re on the lookout for where to buy diamond earrings in Singapore for personal use or to gift a fashionable inclined man, click here.

Choosing the right shape of a diamond earring in Singapore is dependent on some factors such as; style, color, facial and ear structure, gender, but mostly – your taste and your budget. Here’s how to choose the right shape of diamond earrings for you in a few steps:

Step 1: You can start by firstly choosing the shape of diamonds that you like. They range from round, square, pear, heart, oval, marquise, asscher, cushion and many other fancy shapes.


Step 2: Decide on a budget. Diamond earrings cost a fortune. They are priced around $500 to $36,000 and sometimes above, depending on the diamonds you choose. When you decide on a budget this doesn’t mean that you need to settle for your dreams and taste – the budget helps the jeweler to create your dream earrings, with the same preferences you have, but with a reasonable price that you can actually afford. The price range you set affects mostly the factors that are evaluated before setting a diamond earrings price, which are the Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight of the diamond.


Step 3: Choose your preferred style: The diamond earring styles include the color of the diamonds, the metal and the setting of the diamonds.

As for the setting of the diamonds inside the earrings, there are various settings styles: bezel – which is streamlined and reflects less light; four-prong settings – which reflects light from the sides; martini set – shaped like a cone, basket setting, crown setting, etc. When you meet with the jeweller you want to buy your earrings from, you can simply ask for some settings examples, and he can show you all the kinds of settings he works with.

In terms of metal, diamond earrings are set in different precious metal colors to mix and match palettes. Amongst them, the most popular are: 

Diamond gold earrings – These are gold earrings meeting the twinkle of diamonds. We have white gold, rose gold and yellow gold and they all can be found in 14K or 18K alloys. Our tip: White gold is compatible with cool skin undertones, rose gold goes with warm and neutral skin undertones and yellow gold blends with warm skin undertones

Platinum  A hypoallergenic metal that has the same color of white gold, but is harder than gold. Our tip: it is compatible with cool skin undertones

When dealing with facial attributes, these are tips and tips only. If you like a specific style better than the other, then you should definitely go with what makes you happier. But if you ask us, as expert jewelers we will recommend those with a wide face for elongated diamond earrings, while those with narrow faces will feature symmetrically shaped diamond earrings better.


As for gender, again, it is mainly the customer’s choice according to his or her liking. But from our experience, we noticed that round and square-cut are what most male customers prefer, while female customers choose all kinds of shapes. In addition, fancy-cut diamond earrings for women are trending at the moment.

Do Multiple Ear Piercings Spell Midlife Crisis?

When millennial women get double or additional ear piercings, some may ask, and many tend to assume that they’re in a phase of midlife crisis. However, this is untrue. We’re in an elite fashion world, and those who are tuned in get the right message being passed across by multiple piercings.

Multiple ear piercings are a form of self-expression. It’s a way of saying, “hey, beyond being a mom, I’m cool.” Piercings on the earlobes and cartilage create an edgy look and a funky impression. As much as it isn’t a sign of midlife crisis, it works for some people while others don’t fancy it. Anyways, the trick is to do what suits you!

Where to Buy Diamond Earrings in Singapore

If you’re a Singaporean or you happen to be looking for where to buy diamond earrings in Singapore, Search no further. We at Dianoche offer the most sparkling diamond earrings, at the highest quality in Singapore. This is not just a catchphrase, since we have over two decades of experience in the diamond industry.


What’s more, we don’t only sell at highly competitive prices – if you doubt which piece of jewelry to purchase, our expert gemologists can help you find your perfect match according to your budget and needs. They can help you choose from our wide collection of earrings or they can help you design and create your own pair of diamond earrings from scratch, whichever option you prefer.

All you need to do is contact us through the form below this article, and we will contact you back to schedule a consultation meeting.

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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