Diamond Fluorescence

One of the criteria of evaluating a diamond that may affect its price is florescence, the UV production of a diamond.
Diamond Fluorescence

Actually, this is a natural phenomenon occurring while the diamond is placed under a blue bulb in different intensities (the light may be white or yellow in 5% of cases) diamond fluorescence can greatly affect the price of a diamond.

Is fluorescence in diamond good or bad?

Obviously, this light is not visible in everyday life but allegedly it affects the diamond appearance and we will elaborate more on that later in this article.

Important to know!

  • In many times fluorescence will whiten a yellowish diamond and improve its appearance.
  • It is the most debatable feature of a diamond – does it affect diamond`s appearance.

According to the American gemological GIA lab, which is the leading lab in the world in diamond appraisal and research,

Somewhere around quarter to third of all diamonds have variable fluorescence levels, furthermore the appearance of only 10% of all diamond is affected.

In diamonds with high color grading a relatively white, strong fluorescence may give milky and opaque appearance (those are less 5% of cases).

In diamonds with yellowish color, it said that fluorescence whiteness the diamond therefore improves their quality.

Therefore, GIA itself held a research during the 90s with one clear conclusion, an unprofessional person won`t be able to spot the difference between a diamond with or without fluorescence, and even with experts the ability to differentiate weren`t conclusive.

Scale of fluorescence according to GIA

  • NONE.
  • FAINT.

*Different labs may have different terms but with the same general approach.

Why it is important to know about it, and if the effect on diamond appearance is minimal?

In case you have asked yourselves this question, you have the right idea.

The importance of fluorescence is that even if its effect is controversial, the impact on its price is great and can reach double-digit per cent.

According to most, the greater impact will affect diamonds with fluorescence grade of MEDIUM BLUE or above.

In case you are buying a diamond, it should affect its price!

If the diamond is yellowish, its might be better to look for fluorescence that will give the diamond more whitish appearance, as a rule, try to see an as different diamond with different features and make an educated choice.

How to address diamonds with fluorescence while choosing a diamond?

  • Comparison –  in cases of high fluorescence, please compare several diamonds side by side with the fluorescence grading in mind.
  • Wisdom – for yellowish diamonds look for relatively high fluorescence.
  • Awareness –  keep in mind that high fluorescence may affect the price of a diamond and use this knowledge to your advantage.
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