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Diamond Shapes and All You Need to Know

Several diamond shapes are available for jewelry today. Its shape means the geometrical features of a gemstone, not the cutting technique. The difference in diamond shapes has made shopping easy for all gemstone lovers. Not everyone loves round-brilliant diamonds neither does everyone like heart-cut diamonds.


Further, not all diamond shapes suit all themes. For example, heart-cut diamonds are considered best for romantic themes due to their heart symbol, so if you don’t find a shape appealing, plenty more options are available. Loose diamonds make it easier to see the diamond’s shape than when it’s already in a piece of jewelry. 

But generally, there are two diamond shape categories: round and fancy cut diamonds. By the end of this article, you’ll know about each diamond shape, the most popular, rarest, and cheapest diamond shapes and cuts.

What Are the Shapes of a Diamond?

Loose diamonds don’t naturally have a fancy shape until an expert cuts them. After that process, it leaves us with diamond shapes like:

  • Round brilliant cut
  • Heart diamond shapes
  • Cushion-cut diamond
  • Asscher diamond cuts
  • Oval diamond cut
  • Emerald diamond cut
  • Princess-cut diamond
  • Pear diamond shapes

These are popular diamond shapes used as center gemstones or side stones in jewelry and are all recognized for their different appealing features. We’ll talk about a few of them below, mentioning their characteristics.

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Round  Brilliant Cut:


  • The most well-known diamond shape


  • The round Cut or round cut diamond is a brilliant gemstone having the most facets, making it the diamond with the highest sparkle.


  • The round, brilliant-cut diamond shape inspired around 75% of other gemstone shapes.


  • It costs more than other diamond cuts.


Heart Shape:


  • It has a romantic symbol due to its heat shape, believed to signify love.


  • It is a rare diamond cut due to its unique form.




  • A fancy shape diamond like the cushion cut possesses similar features as the princess cut diamond.


  • Cushion cuts can have a square or rectangular shape, but their edges are always round.


  • It is also known as a pillow cut due to its appearance. You can compare it to the round-brilliant diamond as they both have many facets, enabling them to exude light reflection in several hues.

Asscher Cut:


  • An Asscher cut diamond has an octagonal appearance with its facets cut for clarity.


  • Physically, its characteristics resemble the princess cut and emerald cut diamond.


  • Asscher cut diamonds overemphasize a stone’s clarity as a step cut, so it is best to choose higher clarity Asscher gemstones. 


Emerald cut:


  • An emerald-shaped diamond has long existed and is a perfect option for excellent quality diamonds with apparent colors.


  • Emerald diamonds are also called step cuts due to their faceting.


  • Emerald-cut diamonds aren’t good at masking imperfections, so it would be best to choose higher grades in cut, color, and clarity.


 Pear-shaped Diamonds: 


  • Pear-shaped diamonds make lovely rings due to their enchanting appeal.


  • They’re also rare, making them an exceptional substitute for round cuts.


  • Pear diamonds do an excellent job of masking flaws.

What Is the Most Popular Diamond Shape?

Round diamond cuts are the most popular diamond shape in the jewelry world. They’ve maintained their position as a favorite choice for a long time and contribute a higher percentage to the number of diamond shapes and jewelry sold worldwide. They’re an excellent choice for solitaire settings in jewelry due to their sparkle. Below are the reasons for their popularity.


Beauty & Brilliance


Fancy shape diamonds are beautiful, but round gemstones are exquisite. Their simplicity makes them truly exceptional. These diamond shapes have 58 facets expertly cut to reflect light brilliantly, and that brilliance influence sits sparkle. It draws attention at first glance and will look amazing as a standalone (solitaire style) o when paired with other stones. 




A diamond’s fire means the colored sparkle noticed during light exposure. Such colored reflection makes a diamond look even more beautiful, and round diamond cuts achieve this when they have an excellent cut, giving off a great fire.




Round loose diamonds are an incredible choice for any jewelry style, modern or antique. It looks good when paired with other stones in a ring, and its sparkle adds immense beauty to outfits. It doesn’t need other stones to draw attention, but it doesn’t lose its beauty even when paired.

Lasting Allure


Round diamond shave existed for a long time but retained its classic beauty, so you can rest assured it won’t lose its worth anytime soon. These round diamonds are an exquisite choice in jewelry, and many will treasure them for generations.

Which Diamond Shape Is the Rarest?

Of all rare diamond shapes, an Asscher diamond cut is the rarest, and diamond cutters, even those with expertise, cut only 2%. It takes up huge effort to make perfectly cut Asscher diamonds due to their many facets, which are 72, although there are 58 facets Asscher cuts.


This diamond cut is similar to an emerald cut except for its square shape. Regardless, its beauty depends on an exceptional symmetry that gives it that elegant look.  


Because Asscher diamonds are not a primary focus in diamond jewelry like other shapes, there is a reduced demand for them. This demand deflation makes such diamond shapes even rarer as there aren’t more people wanting to purchase them.

What Is the Cheapest Cut of Diamond?


Due to their step cut feature, Emerald cut diamonds cost less than any other fancy shape diamond or round diamonds. Two factors influencing its low price are low demand and high yield on cutting. 


Emerald cut diamonds are an exquisite choice for jewelry, especially since they have a way of making fingers look long, but the demand for them isn’t as high as others. Hence, its price is relatively lower. Then, they also lose a lower weight when cutting into a polished stone in its rough state.


Knowing the different diamond shapes available today and their features, you face a tough choice; which to choose and how much to budget for it. Not to worry, Dianoche will gladly take you through these processes. 

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Our experts will be happy to assist you!

Need help in finding the perfect jewelry? Fill the form below and one of our experts will contact you. 

Our experts will be happy to assist you!

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