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The cushion cut diamond comes from the 18th century and is considered a very antique and romantic design.

It has a tall crown, deep pavilions, wide facets and a very large culet, which emphasizes the stone’s clarity and color. 

These cushion-cut diamonds were most popular and set into jewelry during the 1714-1837 Georgian era and the 1837-1901 Victorian era, to reflect the soft glow of candlelight. 


In modern times, since there is a larger variety of light sources, the cushion design’s popularity faded until recently when it started making a comeback into the mainstream fashion, since today there is a large vintage movement and more modern brides and celebrities who love the unique reflectivity and halo-effect that this design creates. 


10 Most Asked Questions About Cushion-Cut Diamonds

In this article we’ll cover the 10 most asked questions about cushion-cut diamonds for either engagement ring buyers or other diamond enthusiasts. 


1. How to categorize a cushion-cut diamond or a cushion-cut ring?

A cushion-cut diamond today has a soft square or rectangular top shape with curved angles, very similar to a sofa pillow or a cushion. A ring with a cushion-cut diamond is any ring that holds a cushion-cut diamond; today they are mostly engagement rings. 


2. Why cushion-cut diamonds appear larger?

Looking from the top cushion-cut diamonds have larger facets than a regular round diamond and thus they appear bigger when viewed from the top. With that said, because of its shape it will sparkle to only four directions and will appear as if its sparkling less than a round cut.


3. How are cushion-cut diamonds valued compared to round-cut diamonds?

Because of the growing popularity the cost for cushion-cut diamonds is rising, but in general because of less brilliancy of this cut, a cushion-cut diamond is about 25-50% cheaper than a round cut. 


4. Are cushion diamonds popular today?

In the past during the Georgian and Victorian eras during the 18th century and until the early 20th century it was the most popular cut, very similar to how round cuts are popular today.  But since many celebrities started wearing these diamond cuts, due to their unique halo effects, they are becoming more and more popular. Today they are the 2nd most popular cut after the round cut. They are mostly used in engagement rings, and because they retain their vibrant color, this cut is mostly popular with a slightly colored or fancy diamonds. 


5. Is there a method to purchase a cushion-cut diamond?

The deciding factor in the end should be your personal taste, but as for the cost it varies more than other diamond cuts. 


How does the ratio of the facets affect the look:


Most diamonds are cut as a square, but sometimes people choose to change the radio of length to width. 

The most advised ratio is between 1.00 to 1.09, length to width, for a square shape, and 1.15 to 1.5 ratio of length to width for a more rectangular look.


But the most sought-after shape is between 1.10 to 1.20 ratio of length to width. The rest of the factors:


  • Color: color grade of H or better is recommended for the best look.
  • Clarity: SL1 clarity grade or higher would be best. Cushion-cuts have a large open top, which might make an SI2 clarity have visible inclusions.
  • Carat: this is according to your personal taste and budget – the carat weight can be as low or as high as your budget may allow.


6. The best cushion-cut diamond quality?

The cut grade for the best quality cut diamonds is Very good with the right proportions as mentioned above.

After that an excellent polish and symmetry would net you the best cushion-cut diamond quality. 


7. How to find the best depth for a cushion-cut diamond?

Making sure that the depth and table percentages are under 70 will give you the best cushion-cut diamond. 


8. What is the correct number of facets a cushion-cut diamond has?

Similar to round cuts the cushion-cut diamonds regularly have 58 facets, but that number can vary a little.


9. Is there a wide variety of colors to cushion-cut diamonds?

Because of the unique cut – a cushion-cut diamond retains the maximum brilliance of a color with natural light or candlelight. The unique table and depth of a cushion-cut diamond allows more light to shine through it, bringing a unique halo-effect. So if you are set on a colored diamond, the cushion-cut is the way to go. 


10. What should be the cost for a 2 carat cushion-cut diamond?

Over the last ten years the cushion-cut diamonds have regained their popularity, mostly because many brides and celebrities like the unique brilliance and halo it creates with natural light.  A 2 carat diamond with the cushion-cut can cost anywhere between S$11,000 to S$40,000 depending on the quality of the cut, the color, its clarity, and the jewelry it will fit. 

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