On Which Finger Do You Wear An Engagement Ring

The short answer is...
On Which Finger Do You Wear An Engagement Ring

The 4th finger on the left hand, the finger next to the pinky:

The long answer is that there is no right answer.

The historical custom for wearing an engagement ring is thousands of years old. Hard evidence proves the ​exist since the days of the ancient roman empire). It is also believed that the custom began even earlier with the Egyptian dynasty. ​

The reason of wearing an engagement ring on the 4th finger of the left hand is the old superstition the there is a vein connecting the heart to this finger.

Important to know!

  • In the western world it is costumed to wear the engagement ring on the 4th digit of the left hand.
  • For most humans the fingers on the right hand have a bigger size than the fingers of the left hand so the sizing is done for a specific hand.

This belief influenced the west world for wearing an engagement ring on the 4th finger of the left hand and they, using television culture, spread the custom to the rest of the world.

Another interesting assumption is the possibility that the fact that the 4th finger of the left hand is smaller than the right hand strengthens this preference (due to weird psychological factors…)

Following the previous example, most women wear their engagement rings on the left hand next to their wedding rings, but many others prefer the right hand, possibly when their wedding ring is not modest and doesn`t fit with an engagement ring.

Our approach, especially for anyone who is searching for religious factors, is that it doesn’t really matter.

There is no religious obligation in an engagement ring, it is meant as a symbolic gift.

Every woman should wear her ring as she sees fit.

It might be either the 2nd, 4th, 3rd fingers.

We can even except the pinky or the thumb.

Congratulations and best regards.

Eventually a better question than on which hand to wear an engagement ring is what is the required size for the ring.

You are welcome to consult us about getting the right ring size.

Additional information about rings, customs and sizes

  • Religion – there is no religious obligation of wearing an engagement ring.
  • Size – most engaged petite Asian women wear rings in size 5-6.
  • Proportionality – the males average Singapore budget for an engagement ring is $5,000 – $7,900, and the range for female is $2000 – $4000.
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