What Is The Difference Between Wedding Ring And Engagement Ring?

To most people an engagement and wedding ring are basically the same. It comes as no surprise considering that these terms are often used interchangeably. And the frequency at which one term is used more than the other depends on which part of the world you live in. But we are here to set the record straight; the two aren’t the same! In case you’re among the thousands of people who are keen to learn the difference, keep reading.
difference between a wedding ring and engagement ring

Is a wedding ring and engagement ring the same?

Difference between a wedding ring and engagement ring. Generally, both rings are worn on the same finger; the fourth finger on the left.

But that basically sums up the similarities.

We discuss the main factors that differentiate the two rings by answering the following questions.

When is Each Ring Worn?

An engagement ring is given to the woman when she accepts a marriage proposal.

When this happens both parties are called fiancés and they make plans for the wedding day.

When the “big day” finally arrives, wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremonies.

A wedding ring is worn from the time of the wedding to infinity—or for as long as the couple is married.

What Do They Look Like?

Engagements rings are usually more extravagant than wedding rings.

They’re mostly characterized by a diamond center stone.

Wedding bands tend to have a more simplistic and minimalistic design.

Who Wears the Rings?

To most people an engagement comes as a surprise.

The suitor takes time to plan out the day to pop the question.

As such only the party who’s proposed to wears an engagement ring.

And this ring is basically a symbol of affection that shows everyone that the woman in question is no longer available to other suitors.

Since wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony, they’re worn by both spouses.

These bands are worn to symbolize the commitment, faithfulness and love between the two people.

Wedding vs Engagement Ring: Which One Must You Buy First?

Given the fact that the engagement happens before the wedding, we highly recommend that you buy an engagement ring only first.

This is especially true if you don’t know what the answer will be.

Is it a yes or no?

But if you’ve discussed marriage before and are in agreement, then feel free to buy both—finances allowing of course.

Overall, this is ultimately a matter of preference.

Is it Compulsory to Get a Complementary Matching Set for Your Rings?

People often wonder if they need to buy a matching engagement and wedding ring.

Again this is entirely a matter of preference.

I strongly recommend that you do so. Reason being that a complementary set will give off a stunning matching appearance.

Also, this reduces the risk of skin pinching problems usually associated with wearing incompatible rings.

Whatever you do, make your decision beforehand so that you plan well in advance.

Do You Wear Both the engagement and wedding rings After Getting Married?

This depends on the woman in question as well as her culture.

You can decide to wear both the engagement and wedding rings at the same time or just the latter for symbolic reasons.

While culture may detect the rules, sometimes external factors can influence a woman’s decision to wear both rings.

According to my research some women can decide not to wear both when at work because of occupational hazards.

On the other hand, some women face social discriminations at the workplace for wearing either rings.

In some cases the reasons are purely based on aesthetics; the women simply don’t think the rings look good together!

This is why we recommend that you buy a matching set to eliminate the appearance issue.

At the end of the day, do what is comfortable for you.

Is There a Difference Between a Wedding Band and Wedding Ring?

No, these rings are one and the same; both are exchanged at the wedding ceremony.

This is one case where it’s acceptable to use both terms interchangeably.

Buying a good diamond Ring

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement or wedding ring, yours options are endless.

What you need to decide on is the style you want.

Do you want something elaborate or simple?

Whatever you do, stay true to your style.

Browse online for some inspiration. And I strongly advise that you discuss this with your partner so you’re on the same page.


Are you ready to go ring shopping?

Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below if you need any help.

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