Choosing Rings For Engagement Without Diamonds

Not everyone wants to buy an engagement ring inlaid with diamonds and many are content with a symbolic minimalistic ring.
Engagement Ring Without Diamond

The main motives vary and are completely valid. Either if it is a matter of principle engagement ring without diamond(“diamonds are a commercial trick”), economic motives (“most diamond rings are more expensive than other rings”) or an aesthetic preference (not everyone like diamonds and some prefer gems with a more colourful look).

Interesting to know!

  • According to most religions it is not mandatory to have a diamond engagement ring.
  • While choosing a gemstone to replace a diamond, stick to gems with high hardness grade that won’t ware-down or break easily.
  • Make sure you choose a classic design which is not too “extreme” – an engagement ring, even without a diamond, should be compatible with a range of fashion choices and last for decades.

These are small tips for a person looking for an engagement ring without a diamond

  • In case the main motive is economical, we can still offer the option of inlay of a few small diamonds with a gentle ring to maintain some symbolic effect. This is a ring suitable for wearing alongside a wedding ring. For example:

Engagement Ring Without Diamond

  • Either way, it is preferred to buy a ring made out of gold alloy, gold is a royal metal that doesn’t rust and has been used for jewelry for thousands of years with good reason. Other metals, even if they are stronger, may rust, get discolored, etc…
  • The two best practical options for inlay with gemstones are Sapphire and Ruby. The reason is that both of those gems are polished out of a mineral called corundum that is graded 9 in Mohs scale (a scale that measures the hardness of minerals. The highest score is 10 and it is given only to diamonds). This means they are strong gems that can last many years without breaking or wearing-down.
  • If you choose a different gem, it is important to pay attention to specific durability. As a thumb rule you should choose a gem with hardness levels of 7 or above according to Mhos scale. In any other case, it is recommended to choose a safe inlay in which the gem won`t be submitted to external damage and its probability to break or graze is low.
  • The other option is to take a whole new direction that emphasize a unique design and not inlay of different gems. In this case you can search for something symbolic, something you know she would like or something related to your history together. For instance, we once made an engagement ring shaped like a butterfly for a woman who likes butterflies, a ring in the shape of the G clef symbol and a ring shaped like an outline resembles the abstract tattoo the couple have.

Engagement Ring Without Diamond

  • Pay attention that with every diamond engagement ring it’s possible to replace the central diamond with a gemstone – either due to aesthetic or economic reasons.

What is the budget for a ring without a diamond?

Raw materials in case you remain with prestigious raw material as gold, expensive gems and classical design – it is possible to find some options under 380 SGD.

Platinum engagement ring without diamond also looks good.

With different designs the price can range up to thousands of dollars.

Uniqueness in case you are longing for a special and custom-made design. It might be required to raise the budget and the price will start at 570 SGD.

Small diamonds for half eternity rings with diamonds the price tag starts at about 380 SGD.

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