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Diamond Weight

diamond weight

In fact, there are few things needed to know about diamond’s weight that may affect selecting the right diamond.


Important to know!

  • Diamond’s carat equals 1/5 of a gram (200 mg).

  • The word carat is used also for gold but in this case, it used for the purity of the alloy and not their weight.

  • Most new engaged couple in Singapore choose a diamond weighting 0.50 carat.

  • Diamonds in different shapes are cheaper than round diamonds.


Most important checkpoints regarding diamond weight

In the industry its common to regard small stones (weighting less than 1 carat) using points. 1 carat equals 100 points. Stone weighting 0.37 carat is called 37 points stone. Diamond’s price list use weight groups with steep rise in price between one group to the next. According to that it is better to choose a diamond from the top weight of a lower price group than low weight diamond from a higher price group. In this manner a diamond weights 0.49 carat is more cost-effective than a diamond with similar features weighting 0.5 carat. Large diamonds in every group are called “oversized” diamonds.


The price groups are not uniform in their weight coverage. Meaning one price group involves 7 points 0.23-0.29 carat, other price group involves 10 points 0.40-0.49 carat, other price groups of 20 points 0.70-0.89 carat, or even larger price groups. Those diamonds, closer to the higher border of a price groups are considered industrial accident. Indeed, you lose the rise in price group, in addition most times it is not cost-effective to polish over-sized diamonds, which means the over-sized diamonds are rare, therefore its best to look for them as much as possible. Many people say it is better to buy at least 1 point higher than the bottom of the price group in order to prevent drop in value if the diamond is broken.


It is important to understand that breaking of a diamond is an extreme event and is not likely to occur, it is more important to consider this option with larger diamonds. In the industry it is costumed to round down. According to this method a diamond weighting 69.9 points will be considered 0.69 carat and not 0.70 carat. The most common group for engagement rings in Singapore is 0.5 carat. In the USA the most common weight for engagement rings is 1 carat. A diamond should be chosen according to a collective of features and not by weight alone. For example, notice that the diameter and area surface of the diamond from an overhead view is of high importance even greater than the weight of a diamond.


Every polishing grade is actually a range. Its always best to choose the diamonds who look bigger than their weight and still have high polishing grade of VG or higher. In some extreme cases smaller diamonds with polishing grade “excellent” look are bigger than diamonds weighing 15 points higher due to better polishing job. Let’s repeat one important fact – the weight of a diamond is divided throughout the entire diamond and not only the upper surface. Choose a diamond that looks bigger from overhead view (as they look when the diamond is in inlay). A diamond loses more of its weight during round polish, therefore the round diamond`s price tag is higher than all other shapes. According to this, diamonds with different shapes are cheaper and you can find larger diamonds in a more affordable price while choosing a different shape of polish.


How to maximize diamond weight on a limited budget?

  • Clarity – compromise on the clarity and choose a stone in which the inclusions are hidden during inlay.
  • Diameter – notice the diameter of the diamond – diamonds in the same weight don’t always have the same diameter.
  • Shape – choose a stone with non-round cut – those are the cheaper diamonds.
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