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For example, if a zircon stone is sold as a zircon it is not a fake diamond but if it was sold as a diamond it would be a fake diamond.


Important to know!

  • A fake diamond is every diamond replacement or enhanced diamond that was presented as a natural diamond.

  • The best way to avoid these diamonds is to purchase accredited diamonds from authorized companies.

  • The diamond field is in constant war against forging technology.


At May 2015 the diamond exchange was formed in Israel. GIA lab published that 500 large diamonds that were evaluated and received high color grades were discovered to be color enhanced diamonds in retrospect. It refers to diamonds that have been covered with some kind of temporary material that improves its color in 2-3 grades for a short while and after a while the diamond returns to its previous color grade. Apparently this wasn’t discovered during evaluation (not even microscopic evaluation) and was discovered only in retrospect. After investigation a few involved companies were discovered as related to fraud and was dealt with in the proper channels. It is needless to say that the price differences is huge when dealing with large diamonds.


The goal of this story is to emphasize how frequent the matter of fake diamonds and their management actually is, and sometimes troublesome (in the cases when a person isn’t aware of the management). Exactly the same way as computer virus and anti-virus programs, the gemological lab and the diamond field professional are in constant fight and develop new innovations against diamond forgery. According to diamond exchange laws in cases of fraud the deal is cancelled and the seller must give the customer a refund. Part of the lesson here is to buy diamonds with full detailed information.


For more information about buying diamonds with credentials read this article.


An unfair behavior or even illegal is not a new occurrence in the diamond field. A recent affair for example, was dealing with a large Indian company that holds both natural diamonds and artificial ones and mixed cases of small natural diamonds with artificial ones. It is important to mention that we are talking about a huge company and not a small private business. So if those incidences might happen even to huge companies and diamond exchange members that are upheld to the highest level of HR sorting.


Just think of the temptation the sellers are having while facing a private customer with no experience or knowledge regarding to diamonds. If they dare taking enhanced diamonds to the strictest and most valued lab in the world, why should they avoid producing fake certificates when selling to unprofessional privet customers? (read more concerning this topic in the article concerning over accreditation). Indeed, we encounter people that were burned from over accreditation almost daily, and even people that have been burned by criminals.


Two recent examples

A person who bought a diamond ring for thousands of Singapore dollars and traded it a short while after due to his wife`s request, has turns out retrospectively to have a ring sold on e-bay for almost nothing. Another person that bought a diamond for $17,000 SGD was found to be enhanced and worth $2,000 SGD ​in the retail market.


The common ground for both cases was that neither of them insisted on full accreditation and documentation during the purchase or during the trading process. Be aware, the goal of this article is not to scare you in any way but to make you suspicious in the right amount.


Do your homework and prepare before purchasing a diamond?


Buying diamonds form reliable companies with reliable accreditation that will take responsibly over their products. Go through the detailed black-over-white accreditation documents you receive during the purchase, get some knowledge about diamonds and compare several diamonds side by side before inlay.


How can I know that the diamond I bought is not a fake?

  • Weight – zircons are much heavier than diamonds. Carat is 1/5 of a gram. Use this information in your next purchase.
  • Enhancements – many diamond enhancements are heat sensitive, and sensitive to high salt concentration and other substances. If you feel that something has changed in your diamond, check it.
  • Experts – if you have an actual concern that you have been deceived, feel free to contact us for a 100% free consultation.

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