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How A Diamond Is Cut?

How A Diamond Is Cut?
Can diamonds be cut by hand or with a machine?
How long does diamond cutting last?
Where does the diamond cutting and polishing occur?
What are the stages in the diamond cutting procedure?
How is a diamond cut?
How is diamond polishing done?

Cutting Diamonds

Cutting diamonds refers to the steps of changing a diamond from stone to gem.

It’s a complex technique involving expert skill and understanding as well as methods & the correct tools.

The first ever diamond cutter and polisher—known as a diamantaire—led to the progression of various kinds of “cuts”.

A diamond cut can refer to one of two aspects.

Firstly, it concerns the shape.

Secondly, the cut encompasses the quality of cut according to the diamond form.

Both the cost and quality differ according to the superiority of cut.

Diamond cutting requires diamond coated surfaces to smoothen the stone.

There are a handful of diamond cutting hubs across the globe in addition to where these stones are processed.

The principal diamond trading sites are in Antwerp, Dubai and Tel Aviv.

Processing locations in China and India receive  the rugged stones.

Diamond cutting & polishing takes place in Surat, India and Guangzhou & Shenzhen in China.

In the past few years 19 to 31% of the global polished diamond market has come from India, while in the past year 17% of the global market share has originated from China.

An additional major diamond hub is found in New York City.

Can Diamonds Be Cut by Hand or With a Machine?

Diamonds are cut by both hand and machine.

The Diamond Cutting Steps

When a rugged stone arrives in Antwerp, India, New York or at another site, an expert diamond cutter will either cut it by hand or with a machine.

Diamond cutting machines are precise and advantageous, but to clarify cutting a diamond by hand is an masterful craft.

How Long Does the Diamond Cutting Steps Last?

It’s possible for a saw to cut through a 1 carat rugged stone in between four and eight hours.

If the saw hits a knot, this step takes longer.

Where Does the Diamond Cutting and Polishing Occur?

Diamond cutting and polishing occurs in Belgium, China, Israel, Russia, South Africa, and. In addition to the United States, and India.

Considering the four Cs which determine a diamond’s value, the cutting is an essential component.

The Diamond Cutting Stages

A basic round brilliant cutting procedure involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: Contemporary diamond preparation with computer software.
  • Marking: This involves an outline of the finest possible cut and form for the stone.
  • Sawing the rugged diamond.
  • Tabling the girdle bruting.
  • Blocking: You block the eight principal pavilion facets.

    The facets are split into four corners and four pavilions.

    The atomic configuration of the stone patterns its corners and pavilions in varying ways.

  • Crown: Comprised of eight principal facets, the crown is split into four bezels and four corners.
  • Final bruting: This guarantees a flawlessly spherical and smooth stone girdle.
  • Polishing: You’ll polish the sixteen principal facets.
  • To brillianteer: This requires the adding and polishing of eight stars, 16 crowns & 16 pavilions.
  • Quality check: Measuring the stone’s symmetry, cutting, and polishing angles.

How is a Diamond Cut?

A diamond is cut either through cleaning, or sawing the stone using a laser or steel blade.

3. To begin, the rugged stone is normally inserted in a cement or wax mold to keep it secure.

It’s then cleaved along it weakest point.

Alternatively if no week points are found then the steps include using a saw.

Due to improved and modern technology, the diamond cutting steps have evolved.

The first product that transformed the handling of stones was a scaif.

This machine cut facets into diamonds and revealed the stone for the first time.

This contraption opened up possibilities to complicated cuts, forms and designs.

After that, there are three manners in which the stone if bruted or girdled.

Spinning axles is the most popular way, and it sets the cut stones facing opposite one another.

These axles rotate in contrasting directions forcing the diamonds to grind against one other from opposite sides, which breaks them.

A copper disc set can bruise the diamonds by grinding them.

Finally, polishing concludes diamond cutting steps.

Thereafter a final inspection takes place.

The stone is ready to be graded and traded after the cutting and polishing steps are finished.

How is Diamond Polishing Done?

After the rugged stone’s round form has been shaped, the facets are created and formed.

The diamond cutter inserts the rugged stone on a rotating arm and polishes it with a spinning wheel.

By doing this, the stone’s smooth and reflective facets are made.

After that, the procedure continues in two additional steps of blocking and brillianteering.


The blocking procedure involves cutting a single stone.

This is done through the addition of one culet, one table facet, eight crowns and eight pavilion mains.

This part is crucial in developing a template for what’s to follow.


To conclude the job, the brillianteer adds and totals it up to 57 facets in the residual facets.

It’s a huge undertaking, because this final step defines the brilliance and fire of the stone.

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