Is A VS2 Diamond Good?

Diamonds with the combination of G VS2 are considered the bestsellers in the world. Why?
Is a vs2 diamond good?

As an old seller who trades with diamonds in more than 60 different countries in the world, I can say for a fact that vs2 diamond g colour and clarity combination is with no doubt the winner in the global market village.

This type of diamond has a high demand in America, Asia and Europe which shows that people in different places in the world find this combination as a good one.

The question that arises is – Why?

  1. G diamond colour is very close to the colourless diamonds (D, E, F) and yet is 15%-50% cheaper (depends on the colour we compare it to).
  2. When set in jewellery it seems white and it’s nearly impossible to tell whether it’s G or D without comparing it to another diamond.
  3. vs2 diamond clarity is a very desirable one as the diamond is still very clean but the price comparing to Flawless, VVS or VS1 can be 15%-50% cheaper.

The price list of 1ct diamond G VS2 is $8,500 while of a 1ct D IF it’s $18,300ct.

This only emphasize the fact that by buying a G VS2 diamond we pay less than half the price for almost the same look in the macro view.

The G VS2 combination in the best seller both in the US & China and recently in Europe as well especially among young consumers who want to make a “smart purchase” and get the latest info online.

Let’s say that G VS2 is the last exclusive combination on the scale, and yes, people always feel good buying luxury diamonds for a great price.

Please don’t forget that one of the main parameters in a diamond is the cut of diamond which determines the lustre of the stone and helps to keep its’ high value, therefore please always ask for a triple Excellent diamonds in Round cut especially in the high-end combination.

To sum it up, if you’re after a diamond that looks white and clean but don’t want to spend a fortune – then go for G VS2 for sure.

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