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How To Choose A Gold Jewelry With Diamonds

choosing your gold jewelry

This guide provides technical information that suites anyone searching for a gold and diamonds jewelry for themselves, and it is also about techniques for choosing engagement rings.


Important to know!

  • Most women prefer that all of their jewelry will be at the same color.

  • While choosing a ring, it is better to choose a ring that can be re-sized as needed.

  • Purchase with organized documents and in places with comfortable return policy. Law doesn’t enforce return policy above a certain price.


White gold or yellow gold

If you have access to her jewelry box you should get an undisputed answer just by picking inside – are most of the jewelry “white gold” or “yellow gold”. This is how you can get primary decision about the gold alloy color of the jewelry.


If the access is limited – a Facebook browsing might give some assistance – her pictures, things she liked or commented on. Any clue might be relevant. This is actually true for the entire choosing process – design, size, etc.

In case there is a balance between both colors or she doesn’t wear jewelry, try to decide what is the color most fitting for the jewelry`s purpose.


For example, white gold is considered to be more elegant as evening wear.


It is preferred while choosing solitaire earrings that are tight on the ear, due to the fact it makes the diamond appear larger to the naked eye. In contrast, for woman that prefer the vintage look or a more stylish look, yellow gold is a serious competitor. Either way it is important to bring these uncertainties up to the surface during a consult meeting for a purchase.


Someone who understand and have the experience will have some good advice. Another consideration for choosing gold color is the skin tone of the person receiving the gift. Many times, for a light skin tone the viability of yellow gold will be more fitting.


For a darker skin tone – anything may fit.


Ring, pendent, bracelet or earrings?

A ring is a very popular choice, although it’s not recommended to buy a ring for a woman who doesn’t usually wear rings. It is probably uncomfortable for her. For a woman who has many rings all over her fingers – don’t chose for her but let her choose the ring, she has a delicate balance between the fingers and you shouldn’t walk straight into this pickle.


Another problem with choosing a ring is the size.

It is possible, obviously, to re-size it later-on, but it is always nice to receive a gift that is at least close to the actual size of the right finger – indeed every finger has a different size and it might be hard to imagine on which finger she will wear the ring. The conclusion is that if you are set on buying a ring, make sure to do a thorough investigation beforehand – on which finger she usually wear rings, what fingers are free, what is the approximate size of the fingers, etc…


Another option is earrings.

If she doesn’t have her ears done, you crossed off another option but if she has, this is a very good option. It is important to mention that diamond and gem earrings are relatively expensive and if you what to reach noticeable size you should raise your budget – you need two of them after all.

In case you have no clue about what kind of jewelry she wants, classical tight earrings with a single diamond for each ear or earrings with a small rim around the central diamond would be a safe bet for most women.


These are jewelry without an expiration date and they are always classical and elegant.

Another advantage for classic earrings is their compatibility with day and night time – high efficiency. The most expensive option is a diamond bracelet and especially tennis bracelet – these are heavy jewelry inlayed with dozens of small diamonds with low individual weight but together they usually reach the weight of at least one carat.

The serious problem with tennis bracelets is that they come with high costs of worker`s wage for gold and diamonds and therefore, in terms of long term investment and keeping a steady value it is not the choice for you. On the other hand, it is a very elegant jewelry, impressive and beautiful and suitable for everyone who is looking to provoke this sensation, and has the funds for it. In our opinion, the most comfortable gift in terms of low risk-cost ratio of making the wrong choice is a diamond pendent.


Most women wear necklaces and pendants.

There are almost no problems with sizing (neckless length is an issue that is easy to fix or replace) and the cost is usually friendly. Choosing a classical neckless – a single diamond inlay or a central diamond surrounded by a rim of small diamonds, is probably the “cheapest” choice in comparison to the prices found in the diamond jewelry field and it is also a safe and comfortable choice.


In case she has affection to certain designs – butterflies, “hamsa” talisman, etc. – the choice becomes a lot simpler.

For your convenience, these are the most popular styles for diamond jewelry being bought as a gift. A diamond pendent with a rim of small diamonds around it, diamond earring with a rim of small diamonds surrounding them, a classic diamond pendent with one stone inlay, a ring with gems in different colors, a slim diamonds ring, and diamond earrings tight to the ear.


How to protect yourselves from error

Even a person that puts a lot of though while choosing a gift, may result in some errors. Therefore, you can`t give-up purchasing in a place providing with convenient return policy (and not according to the law that is very strict in cases of prestige jewelry). During the purchase process you must insist on receiving all the required documents and then save them – tax invoice with detailed gold alloy concentration and it`s weight and diamond carat, receipt, assessment documents, return policy, etc. Purchasing without documents will provide you with deep anguish in case of dissatisfaction. Congratulation and good luck!


Why should you choose a pendent?

Size – there is no error of unfitting size and it is always possible to replace the necklace (rare events).

Price – In most cases this is the cheapest option – usually small amount of gold, no need of two or more diamonds.

Safe – in contrast to rings and bracelets, most women wear necklaces and pendants.

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