How To Evaluate If Gold Is Real

In case you want to evaluate if the metal in your hand is gold or not, there are few domestic means that can give you some indication before you go trough deeper evaluation with professionals.
How to evaluate if gold is real

Examine the Authenticity Of Gold

The simplest mean is to check if the gold is being magnetized, more on this topic below. Read this to know How To Evaluate a Real Gold.

  • Remember that by law, every gold jewellery should come with gold branding according to its purity. If there is no such branding it doesn’t mean this isn’t gold and not the other way around, it only gives a good indication.
  • Gold doesn’t get magnetized! Check using a good magnet (and not the ones used for fridge advertising) if the gold is being magnetized. If not, it might be gold (although it is not for certain, just another testing parameter). It is important to remember to check few areas of the jewelry due to the fact that sometimes there are locks, etc. within the gold jewelry, and they are not made of gold.
  • Gold doesn’t get discolored. If the jewelry is dirty, clean it well with a cloth and soap and see if it is still discolored.
  • Gold is a relatively soft metal. It notched easily (for example with a sawing pin, etc.). it is possible to try and bite the gold, but you should be careful. The purest the gold the softest it is, and you can easily feel this with biting.
  • The are several formulas for calculating the density of material that you can try and use, but it involves some complicated measures due to the shape of the material, and obviously there are some differences with the gold`s karat.
  • Notice the gold color.  With yellow gold, for example, there are color differences between different purity degrees. Red gold is almost always 14 karats. White gold might be shiny or slightly yellowish according to its radium coating condition. Check if the color of the metal you are holding resembles one of these colors.
  • People from the field check if the gold is real using special acids. Every gold karat has special acid. Scratching the gold on a discoid plat and adding acid to see if it dissolves (if it dissolves it is not gold or gold with different purity). In case the previous sections have risen a significant doubt that what you are holding is gold, you are welcome to set up a meeting and get it evaluated with us. Even if you are not interested in selling we will be glad to be of service and the evaluation is free of charge.

What can I do if I bought fake gold?

Documents – How To Evaluate a Real Gold – get a signed document from a professional for confirmation.

Invoice – locate your purchase documents where the promised gold concentration must be written. In case you couldn’t find the documents, or it wasn’t mentioned it is probably a lost cause.

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