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The purpose of this article is to give a description on two aspects of black diamonds – the interesting one and the practical one.

In order to make it easier on the purchase-focused readers, we will begin with some advice and insights about how to choose a black diamond and we will mostly talk about the prices of such diamonds.

Important to know!

If you bought a black diamond without a GIA certification, there is little to no chance that it hasn’t been enhanced.

Black diamonds are significantly cheaper than their white brothers.

Black diamond of about half a carat, of the enhanced kind, will cost about 120 USD on average.

Mostly, the clarity level is very low, and you probably will never know it. If you have been told that your black diamond is clear, start worrying.

The black diamonds are at their best when set alongside white diamonds.

The majority of black diamonds in the industry are in fact white diamonds that are of low quality in their category, or black diamonds that have an unwanted shade- dark grey.

These diamonds are going through serious enhancements, of several types, just to give them a somewhat shiny, black color.

Mostly the process is by heating or sealing. For this reason, black diamonds are significantly cheaper than the white ones, unless they are natural.

There are almost no natural black diamonds that haven’t been enhanced and they are much more expensive and hard to find.

If you are looking for a natural black diamond dont buy one without GIA certification.

Unfortunately if you are looking for a small stone – under 1.00 carat approx – its very hard to find one with a GIA cert.

Many times, black diamonds are not as clear, and you must pay attention for any cracks with a Lupa around the teeth holding the diamond when you are choosing a diamond of any kind or a piece of jewelry.

This is caused by inclusions (which are materials confined inside the diamond) close to the surface in a way that the diamond is dangerous for inlay.

If the diamond does not crack during inlay, it might crack with a hit on the teeth.

Also, there are flaws that may be seen with the naked eye on a black diamond.

Watch it carefully before picking your chosen one.

Mostly, it is recommended to set a black diamond with white ones during the inlay.

It creates a more prestigious look than a solitaire setting that may look like a simple gemstone.

Black diamonds and their historical- scientific circumstances

These diamonds are in fact diamonds that are made up of a mineral called carbonado.

This mineral is a diamond in every aspect, but it’s form is even harder than white diamonds, which gets a 10+ score in the Mohs scale for mineral hardness.

In contrast to the white form, black diamonds are filled with pores and are harder to polish.

Mostly, their shape in nature is not bigger than a pea.

Many times, the mineral is connected to other crystals which makes it impossible to polish.

Despite their name, black diamonds are usually formed in a dark grey color (thus, many of them are dyed to get the right color according to the market).

They are mined mostly is Brazil (where they were first discovered in the mid-19th century)  as well as in central Africa.

In contrast to white diamonds, there is no testimony that black diamonds “grew” inside the kimberlite rocks – which is the natural habitat for white diamonds.

According to this, there is a lot of diversity regarding their origin.

The classic theory speaks about pressure conditions and high temperature, just as their white brothers experienced.

Some may combine this theory with influences of radiation and attribute it to the diamond’s black color.

On the other hand, implausible theories talk about involvement of outer space in the matter.

The first of which, talks about one meteorite, or a few, that hit the earth and left some gifts.

The second one is referred to meteorite of supernova close to 4 billion years ago.

Either way, there is extended agreement that these diamonds are at least 3 billion years old.

In summary,  It is good to remember that enhanced black diamonds are not a long-term investment, they serve an aesthetic purpose and they serve it well.

They are strong but one must be careful picking them out, and because they are cheap, it is not recommended to pay excessive prices.

Black diamonds- why should I?

Price they are significantly cheap

Uniqueness you will not find them on every corner

Storyhow many people get to wear rocks from outer space? 😉

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